Software Developer – These 5 Certifications Will Help You Get the Job You’ve Always Wanted

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Computer programming skills are still very high in demand and as the digital evolution continues, the demand for a software developer is expected to increase even further. If you have already started a career in computer programming, you will need to add on a few more skills to make your resume more attractive to employers and help you climb the career ladder. If you haven’t started your career in programming, it would be great to learn about the certifications which have the potential to help you create an illustrious career in programming. Here are five certifications which you must look for as a programmer.

  1. Microsoft MTA and MCSD

All programmers know that certifications from Microsoft are some of the most recognizable ones in the market. If you are an entry level developer, you get the Microsoft technology associate and the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer course as a bundled service. There is also an intermediate level of the MCSD program for window store Apps, Application lifecycle management and SharePoint applications. To get the certification, there are three multiple choice questions which you must answer. The MTA is the first certification that you should think about getting if you just left high school and want to venture into programming.

  1. Amazon Web Services Certified Developer -Associate level

AWS is the ideal certification program to go for if you design, build and run your software applications in the Amazon web services platform. There aren’t any requirements that you need to fulfil to enroll in the course, but to get the certification, you will have to take a test which contains between 40 and 60 multiple choice questions.

  1. Oracle APEX

Most people know oracle for their database software, but the company also offers cloud solutions, servers and great certification programs. One of the certifications which will take your career as a programmer to the next level is the Oracle application express developer certified expert. If you are a developer and you usually administer application express workspaces, this is one of the best certifications to look for. The certification requires you to take a multiple-choice test which contains 150 to 220 questions which you must answer in 3 hours.

  1. Salesforce Certification program

In case you do not know already, Salesforce were the originators of the enterprise CRM software. The company has since expanded and they offer a wide range of services including cloud computing and applications. Their course, the Salesforce Certified Developer, is one of the best as it identifies the best developers who use the platform to create custom analytics and applications. Their certification process needs you to pass a multiple-choice test which has 60 questions and you need to be well-versed with Salesforce to pass this test.

  1. Puppet Labs

There are tens of organizations like Zynga, Cisco and the NYSE that use applications which are made by puppet labs to manage their infrastructure. To become a Puppet Labs IT developer, you would need to be proficient in the creation of their automation software. There is a test which you take to get the certification, and it includes 60 questions which cover everything about Puppet Labs.

These are five of the most sought-after certifications for software developers. If you are looking for a place where you can take these courses and many others in a fun environment which is also very informative, register for a course on You will find tens of courses which can help you start a career in software development and if you are already in the field, additional skills which will get you better programming jobs.

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