What is Social Media Customer Care?

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Negosentro | In today’s digital world, social media is one of the most effective mediums for channelling customer support, be it questions or compliments, or even negative points like complaints. Businesses all over the world are now using social media to better connect with their customers using global favourites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat to name a few. Over the past few years social media customer care has really taken off, and the experts at Websitebuilder.org help to explain the rise of social media customer care, and the many ways that companies are making use of it today.

One of the biggest points is the fact that people now expect it. The biggest brands have a large presence on social media, and people expect others to follow. Not only that, but people want a fast response time, and with social media this becomes possible. Social media gives companies the chance to actually connect with their customers on an emotional level, an opportunity that doesn’t come around often.

Why is customer service important?

When someone has a positive experience with a company that goes beyond getting a good product, then they are more likely to both return to the company themselves, and recommend the company to others. Brand reputation will also increase in a positive way, as social and online communities can have a huge influence of the purchasing decisions of customers. Addressing a customer complaint can increase customer advocacy and if others see companies addressing complaints, then it will increase the brand transparency.

How do you get started?

For hints and tips on how to get started with social media customer care, head over to Websitebuilder.org . If you are just getting started with the process it is worth doing some research to make sure you are using the right strategies and platforms for the job. Brands will often have a completely different account on social media channels that are solely dedicated to customer support, therefore it is best to pick the one or two channels that suit your brand best to start with. Large companies should have a dedicated team to deal with social media support therefore they can be fully trained to understand the unique skill set, know what customers are looking for, and understand the style of each individual channel.

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