How Snapchat Can Benefit Your Business

How Snapchat Can Benefit Your Business, Snapchat, Business, snapchat-marketing
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You’ve probably heard about Snapchat and how it started to go trending in Facebook. Snapchat is the latest popular mobile app that allows you to send videos and even pictures that will disappear after a person views them. Various features of Snapchat includes adding a caption or doodle to videos and send it to a friend.

Wonder how Snapchat can be helpful for your business? Did you know that Snapchat can be integrated in marketing? Indeed, social media and apps are evolving in order to match the current trends and interests of active users around the globe. Whether you’re thinking of adding Snapchat to your marketing mix or strengthen your brand, it’s up to you on how to utilize the app to promote marketing campaigns.

1. Access to Live Events

Since Snapchat can provide real time social media marketing, you can give users a glimpse of behind the scenes. Show your product in action like how it is made and can be used. It increases audience engagement because you provide actual information. Use Snapchat to highlight stories of happy hours, events, tours, etc. By providing behind the scenes, you create and engage followers.

2. Offer Contests or Promotions

Invite participation by asking people to reply to your post or by asking them to take pictures of themselves. Everyone loves social media giveaways and offering them perks can keep your followers coming back for more. Offer exclusive deals and contests and even discounts to fans.

3. Launch a New Product

Release a teaser or preview of a new product or collection. You can also make use of campaigns to highlight your product. With Snapchat’s disappearing feature, the World Wildlife Fund launched the #LastSelfie campaign to symbolize the diminishing population of endangered species.

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Have you used Snapchat to boost your marketing? If yes, how did the result turn out from this increasingly popular social app?


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