Smart WhatsApp Hacks to Improve Communication Quality

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Dominic Lester, Negosentro |  Among all the major social media platforms that have transformed our modes of communicating with each other, the Whatsapp is one of the biggest market shareholders in it. With over a billion users around the world, the Whatsapp has replaced your smartphone built-in messaging application.

This application is for all the smartphone operating systems including windows, android and iPhone. Moreover, the Whatsapp also has its web-based application but which can only work when you have your smartphone connected to the internet. Most of the people only think that the Whatsapp is only limited to sharing messages, pictures, videos or for voice and video chats. Apart from this, it doesn’t have any other feature which can make our communication better than right now. Due to small in size and not having that vibrant looks that other communication apps provide, Whatsapp is getting underused by the major part of it’s over a billion users due to not knowing its full potential.

That is why, being a lover of technology and a writer who loves to write about the tech, in the next lines of this article I am going to tell you some of the smart Whatsapp hacks that will improve your communication quality.

Get rid of the blue ticks:


With all the positive impacts on our lives, the Whatsapp has also killed our privacy and has made us much accessible for everyone. Moreover, the WhatsApp blue ticks on the messages that indicate that the message has been read have made our lives complex and bounded us to give a reply everyone who has messaged you. Introduction of this feature was for the benefit of us, but the story turned around when it gets in the hands of the masses. However, the Whatsapp didn’t release any news about how you can undo this feature. Yes! You can remove this feature from your Whatsapp chat and can read as many as you can without any headaches of replying. Just go into the settings menu, then go into the account, privacy and turn off the read receipts to get rid of those evil two blue marks.

Hide the Display Pic:
display_picThere would be hundreds of people’s contacts add in your phone. Most of them are the ones with whom you communicated years ago and just for the sake of uncertain needs; you keep their numbers save in your mobile. Now after that many years you don’t know where they are and what they are up tp. That is why it is not a good idea to keep all your latest pictures and images visible to them. The Whatsapp knew it that things like this could happen that is why it added a feature in the app through which you can hide your display pic from all the unwanted people.

For this, all you have to do is to head to the settings, then tap on the account, then privacy where you can find options for your display pic visibility.

Take a shortcut to that special one:

special_oneNow, this trick is only for those, who are extremely social and keep getting numerous messages on their Whatsapp. Among all the people you communicate with on the Whatsapp, there must be one or two of those special people with whom you chat a lot more than others. So the routine is to open the Whatsapp, find that special person’s message and tap on it to read it. But, there is another way too, and it is a short one.

While having the Whatsapp on your smartphone, you can create a shortcut icon on your home screen of any person or group chat you want. This allows you to skip all the searching of that one person’s message among others and allows you to open the chat of that person with just one tap. All you have to do is to hold your tap on that special person’s conversation, once it got selected, tap on those three vertically aligned dots at the top left corner of the screen and which will give you the add chat shortcut option. This will create a chat shortcut on your home screen which will let you communicate with that person on a single tap.

Check who has read your messages in the Whatsapp group:



Whatsapp chat group is one of the best things happened to us. These chat groups have allowed us to do some fun with all of your friends together much easier than ever before. But sometimes it gets annoyed too when you are not sure about who has read your messages.

Due to this, sometimes things get serious when you are desperate to send a message to someone particular in the group. Instead of ensuring it by sending that person a private message, there is another way to check who in the group has read your message. For this, all you have to do is to hold your tap on that particular message you want to check; then there would be an “i” mark in the circle would appear at the top of the window. By tapping it, you can check who has been seeing your message in the group.

Whatsapp Incognito Mode:



The technology has made us avoiding the people tough too. You cannot pretext any situation just by saying that you didn’t see the message or was not online at that moment especially now due to the last seen feature of the Whatsapp. This feature tells others that when the last time you checked your Whatsapp. But, this all hassle is only for those who are not aware of the potential of the WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp also allows you to hide that thing from the others. However, it also takes this ability of yours to check out when was a person last checked his Whatsapp. For this, you have to go into the settings menu again. Tap on the account option and then go into the privacy where you will find the last seen option which you can set according to your need.

Author Bio:

Dominic Lester is a Master in Literature which does not only show his qualification but also his passion towards writing and blogging. He has been in linked with numerous marketing agencies and one website or website Development Company to whom he has been giving his services from past few months. You can also follow him on his social media channels Twitter and G+.

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