Smart tips to keep the pests away from your home

Smart tips to keep the pests away from your home 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro| Smart tips to keep the pests away from your home |We all love having a warm and comfy home with a pleasant setting, food and other stuff. Well, so do the pests. Insects like ants, spiders, termites and cockroaches prefer warm, moist and less light areas to breed and survive. And our modern homes with regulated temperatures and controlled environment, makes a perfect spot for these little creatures to dwell upon. For any household, having such pests could be the worst nightmare. Not just because they can damage your furniture and other accessories, but also because they can create an unhygienic environment and that could lead to infections. Here are some expert tips by Amco Ranger termite & pest solutions that can help you keep these silent destroyers out of your house.

1.  Don’t leave leftovers or eatables out for long

Insects, especially the ants are easily attracted to the food left unattended. If you have ever left your drinks or some snack out, you might find flies and ants feasting upon them. So, you should avoid leaving any food item stored or laying out for long. Overripe veggies, fruits and cooked food shouldn’t be left out of the fridge for too long.

2.  Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean

It is usually advised that one should pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom when it comes to hygiene. These are the cosiest places for the pests to breed and survive without being spotted. They are damped, have nourishing supplies for the insects and are paid least attention for cleanliness. Before you find yourself searching for pest control near me, there are a few things you can yourself do to try and control, if not eliminate, the pest problem. Of course, you should simply make sure to disinfect your kitchen and bathroom regularly. Make sure that your racks and drawers are clean, and that the area under the sink is dry and cleaned periodically. Finally, try to avoid clogged drains and use strong cleaning agents if you feel this is necessary.

3.  Dispose of the scrap and garbage

Unused items like boxes, shoes, and luggage bags, toys and books can serve a warm and safe place for the insects to grow and set camp. These are often the hotspot for pests and they can quickly spread throughout your house. If you have such items stored in the attic or your basement, you might want to reconsider it. Either clean and disinfect them regularly or discard them right away. Also, for your garbage, dispose of your trash daily and keep it dry and cleaned.

4.  Fix the entry points

The broken window, holes in the outer wall or uncovered drains or any other openings can allow pests to enter your house. So, you should get them fixed before its late. You can also use nets to cover the openings so that it allows some ventilation as well as keep the insects away.

Having pests and insects attack your house is the last thing you would want. Apart from being host to diseases and infection, they are not healthy to have in the house. If you are having pest problems or are looking to get pest control to keep your home pest-free, contact a termite and pest control professional service today.


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