Small Business Hacks To Build Reputation

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For a small business, building a good reputation is no easy task and one that’s difficult to short-cut. It takes a lot of time, sound business dealings, and good customer service to build a solid reputation in business. However, there are ways that you can boost your reputation, accelerating the process and engendering good will for you and your business. This article from Capstone Financial Planning can help you.

Some of the best small business hacks to build a reputation include:

Give Generously

To give your reputation in business a strong boost, get involved with local philanthropies. If you can’t afford to support these groups financially, offer to donate your time and professional expertise by sitting on boards and committees. Help to organize events and fundraisers.

One of the most important aspects of this small business hack is to give selflessly. This means to not just support organizations when it’s easy or convenient for you. Instead, give when it hurts. Consider your generosity to be an investment in your reputation and your long-term success.

Put Your Values on Display

Customers hate to see someone acting disingenuously, but they also want to support someone who shares their values. If you have skills in financial numeracy and accounting, a local community group or charity may find your financial expertise invaluable. The opportunities really are endless. You don’t have to be overly pious just sincere in your willingness to assist.

Be a Civic Activist

Another great hack for building your reputation in business is to get involved in your community. Help to promote your area – its businesses, schools and other organizations. If there are major local initiatives that can help your community as a whole, try to get involved. However, try to avoid being overly political or supporting causes that may be divisive. Instead, be a cheerleader and a force for good in your community.

Put Your Customers and Employees First

For small businesses there are no bigger potential supporters than your customers and employees. If you want to boost your reputation in business, avoid employee turnover whenever possible. Do everything you can to avoid layoffs or cutting employees’ hours. If you take someone on as an employee, understand that they depend on you to cover their monthly expenses.

In the same vein, always make sure that your customers have a positive experience dealing with your business. This means giving customers the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. Don’t short-change customers or lose your cool. Instead, give your customers every desire to sing your praises and no reason to resent your success.

Building a reputation in business is no easy feat. It takes considerable time and effort to build a reputation as someone that the public wants to support and wants to see succeed. A reputation can take decades to build and days to destroy. If you want to get a boost to your business, be sure to consider some of these hacks to build a good reputation faster.


Steven McMeechan is a strategic marketing and communications specialist with over twenty years’ experience in senior marketing management roles across a range of industries including Information Technology and Financial Services. He works for Capstone Financial Planning and lives in Melbourne Australia.

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