SkillAssure PH to give Job Placement Opportunity – Targets to upskill 10K Filipino techies

How to fix [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] Skill Assure Why Odoo Is The Way To Go For Upgrading Your Business Technology Online Reputation Marketing Techniques remarketing list is important for digital marketing B2B Content Marketing Trends Setting Your Business Apart Philippine Digital Marketing Facts Revealed | SkillAssure PH to give Job Placement Opportunity – Targets to upskill 10K Filipino techies | At least 10,000 Filipinos will benefit from the rapid technology competency development program of SkillAssure brought to the Philippines by the Manila-based stakeholder relations firm Rabah Consulting.

A program of Pratian Technologies, a top tech company based in Bangalore, India, SkillAssure is an upskilling program targeting tech professionals and students who want to pursue careers in tech.

“We believe that through this partnership we can nurture the talent for the next level of innovation, where we can help people to become skilled in Industry 4.0 and beyond,” said Subramanian Shiva Kumar, chairman and CEO of Pratian Technologies, the company behind the scholarship program.

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the ‘Industrial Revolution’ that focuses profoundly on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

SkillAssure is designed specifically to meet the skill set requirement of most in-demand tech jobs in the Philippines. Rabah Consulting has partnered with Pratian Technologies to help Filipinos pursue responsible, digital innovation, identify thousand strong innovators, and enable at least 100 high tech startups.

“We go where agencies don’t and we still incorporate assistance to communities and our fellow Filipinos who are suffering from the effects of this pandemic,” said Andrea Trinidad, founder and CEO of Rabah Consulting. 

Rabah Consulting started in 2018 as a stakeholder relations firm specializing in helping communities and organizations in the Philippines. The company is also supporting businesses and organizations that help farmers and persons with disabilities.

SkillAssure program offers rapid and high-level information technology (IT) certificate courses to Filipinos. There are about 150 IT courses to choose from the program.

Interested applicants must sign up for a five-day free training program on different aspects of the information technologies through its Discoveri program. Once they pass Discoveri, they will undergo extensive training for three to five months, followed by the apprenticeship in India or in Manila with top IT professionals from Silicon Valley.  Employment is guaranteed for the first 300 graduates.

“This means we get to help 300 Filipino upskill and find lucrative jobs, which also mean

Skill Assure Skyscraper Banner

s, we get to help 300 families,” said Gary Libby, chief technology officer of Rabah Consulting.

Those who are interested to launch their startup can be supported by its “incubator” program after they graduate from the SkillAssure Philippines course.

Kumar said the purpose of the scholarship program is to “connect people to their infinite potential” through these three accelerators; the talent accelerator, the innovation accelerator, and the startup accelerator. 

Globally, it is an ecosystem that allows people to go through from entry-level skilling to having a startup on their own, so they can tend to become an entrepreneur if they choose to be one. They can also look at serious research and development innovation work for R&D companies.

The tech firm executive said its goal is to have people from different cultures, different geographies, and time zones to come together and collaborate and collaborate to innovate. 

“We have brilliant people in our team right from Berkeley, to MIT to people have worked with Steve Jobs Snapple and IBM Accenture all the large companies we have created a great book, and they’re all very excited to work with young talent,” he said.

Kumar said that SkillAssure Philippines enables people on seven dimensions of competence: 

  • Technical competencies (very crucial for tech entrepreneurs)
  • Behavioral competencies (empathy interpersonal skills, managing time planning skills, self-awareness, communication skills, presentation skills, interpersonal relationships)
  • Professional skills
  • Management competencies
  • Entrepreneurial competencies
  • Innovation competencies
  • Problem-solving skills

Dr. Dave Richards, the co-founder of MIT Innovation Lab, said the IT initiative of Pratian Technologies and Rabah Consulting will elevate talent, entrepreneurship, and innovation among Filipinos.

“Innovation is about bringing new value into being into relationships with customers into relationships with each other. So, when we find ways to elevate our talent, elevate it our capabilities to, to bring more entrepreneurship and more entrepreneurial thinking, into being. And to focus that on creating new enterprises that bring more value into the world, then everybody benefits,” Richards said.

“So that’s why we focus on responsible digital innovation, so it’s all about true value right it isn’t just about to get rich quick it isn’t just about money,” he added.

The global business tech provider is also forming an entity in the Philippines such as Valley Tech Lab that is an extension of a US-based firm, primarily into innovation and startups. 

“The unique methodology that we bring in how it is going to translate into creating more employment and entrepreneurs, especially the entrepreneurs, which are focused on solving Philippines problems, some of the problems that I’ve just been talking about with respect to agriculture how technology can solve problems and enabling people for that so we are very excited about this launch,” said Priyanka Grover, COO of Pratian Technologies.  

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