Six Signs Your Auckland Office Space is Due for Renovations

Six Signs Your Auckland Office Space is Due for Renovations Office Environment Versatile Lacking Space In Office city-view-traveling-office-work-morning tools - Negosentro | Six Signs Your Auckland Office Space is Due for Renovations | Every business needs more resources as it grows – More equipment, more workers, and even an increased working space. But unless your current workspace is scalable to the point that it can accommodate these new additions automatically, chances are you will need to renovate your office sometime in the future.

When you renovate your office space, you can easily attract more clients, hire more employees, purchase more assets, and explore new markets. However, investing in office renovations and upgrades can be expensive, so it is important you do so when it is actually needed.

But how can you tell if your office is due for renovations? Here are a few signs to show that your workspace can do with a new look.

A worn-out look

The first and most obvious sign that your office space needs attention is when your office begins to look worn-out and old-fashioned. The condition and atmosphere of your workplace create an impression in the minds of your visitors and clients. When your office space looks unkempt and outdated, your clients may lose confidence in doing business with you.

Worn-out flooring, old-fashioned equipment, peeling paint, and so on may convey the impression that your business is failing even when it isn’t in this type of condition, a renovation is critical.

You are running out of space

For most Auckland business owners, running out of space can be a good problem to have. This shows that your business is growing and that you need more space to meet your growing needs. On another hand, it could also mean that you are losing your organizational skills and suffering from a cluttered workspace. Whatever the reason, if you are running out of space in your office, a renovation may be the solution.

Renovating your commercial space will either allow you to create more usable space in your existing building or help you come up with ideas on how to maximise your existing space.

Whether you are suffering from “growing pains” or simply want to make your office space less crowded, you should make plans for where to keep your office items during the period of renovation. While storing your stuff in the basement may work for minimal renovations, off-site storage facilities like Safestore Containers storage West Auckland will be ideal for when you plan to renovate the entire building and need a safe and secure place for your office equipment.

Reduced employee productivity

Every Auckland business owner knows how important employees are to the life of the business. These are the people that make the people run smoothly, and it is important you make them comfortable and happy.

If your employees are no longer comfortable in your business space, it may hamper the growth and success of your business. In fact, research has found that office interior and decor play a high role in employee psychology.

Your employees spend a large part of their day in the office, so it is your responsibility to ensure that they have a comfortable working environment. This may mean converting from a cubicle workspace system to an open plan system or even providing key staff with personal offices.

If you notice productivity dropping, talk to your staff about it. It could be that your office space is no longer conducive for productivity.

You prefer to do business outside the office

There are dozens of coffee shops and fast-food joints in Auckland. These places tend to provide Wi-Fi, making it an attractive environment for quick meetings with clients and partners. But if you notice that you are happier meeting people outside your office than in it, it could be a sign that you are embarrassed by your workspace. If this is true for you, then that is a sign that your office space needs some upgrades.

You may be missing out on good prospects if you keep on fixing public places for meetings with your clients. Besides, it will not be very easy getting investors or partners when you are always found in a coffee shop. Instead of using coffee shops in the area, invest in office renovation and start impressing your clients.

It doesn’t match your brand

When you first moved into your current workspace, chances are you were not too concerned about image. You simply wanted a place where you can work from and call your own. However, as your business begins to get its own identity, it is important that your work environment matches your brand. Any visitor to your office should be able to know about your offerings through the look and feel of your space.

If you feel that your office space no longer portrays the true description of your brand, or if you are looking at redefining your brand, one of the first things you should consider is a renovation.

Your workspace should immediately resonate with your clients, visitors and employees, and reflect your values, corporate culture and philosophy.

Poor communication

Communication is one of the most important keys to success in any business. Your staff should be able to communicate with one another seamlessly and without misunderstanding. When there is poor communication, mistakes are bound to happen, leading to problems.

Of course, there are known causes of poor communication in the workplace, but poor office design is also one of them. If your office is properly planned and designed, it will allow for free and efficient interaction between employees. So, if you notice the information is not getting across properly, chances are you need to look at the layout of workspaces in your commercial property.


Office renovation is one of the most important elements to running a business. This is because your workplace has to be appealing to workers, visitors, and customers. When you invest in office renovations, you are essentially making sure that your office is better and improves productivity while maintaining the current standards in sustainability.


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