Simple Tips for Advertising with a Digital Marketing Agency

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When your business is lagging on the online market, there are many reasons. You either aren’t working hard enough, or you’re creating too much work to keep up. We’ll go through these and hopefully help you by providing you these simple marketing tips to help build your online reputation, no matter what the purpose of your endeavors.

The largest mistake that many people take on is trying to do more PR than they know how to do. What does this mean? They create a Twitter account, MySpace, and Facebook page and then purchase a ton of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more, and when everything hits the fan, they end up crashing because they have no experience in online marketing with these platforms. Stop it… Stop it right now. If you are new to the game, be sure you either hire someone who isn’t, or simply take the time (and realize it does take time) to utilize the market of each platform to your advantage.

For example, you should see how many people that are constantly throwing WordPress websites out there for clients for $200 when they should be charging $2000 or more, and this makes a horrible name not only for them  when they constantly have unsatisfied clients, but it also makes the clients who are true professionals look bad who DO charge $10,000+ for a top-notch WordPress site for businesses (Many of these cheap undercutters only know ONE layout and how to edit it rather than offering a plethora of options for their clients).

Find out where you stand and who your competition is in the market. And find out what social media platform you should tackle one at a time, instead of every single one of them at once. When you blast yourself out there on every platform and don’t have anything to back up your game, you don’t stand a chance to each platform’s market of people who do. Even people trying to make it in the gaming industry suffer from the same problem. The most successful ones start out on sites such as Twitch, and YouTube before they EVER build an online persona on other social media platforms, and they are NOT usually overnight successes.

Another thing a business should utilize is influential marketing strategies. Rather than paying $1500 to someone in your area who is “famous”, pay someone who knows a lot of people in the area that would gladly spread the word faster.

Another great way to market online is through search engine optimization (aka SEO). Unless you want spend hundreds of hours learning in this space, we highly recommend you hire the best SEO marketing company instead of trying to do this yourself.  You can actually cause a lot more bad than good by trying to do this yourself without a wealth of knowledge.

Be Sure To Create an E-Mail Mailing List

This is a controversial topic because some people think that it’s “annoying to people” or bad, but people actually DO sign up for mailing lists. Be sure to create yours and USE IT.


There are many other topics that need to be researched before starting your online platforms and creating a very solid online persona. As stated earlier, if you can’t keep up with all of them, pick one that best suits you, and stick with it for a while. Take on each social media platform one at a time until all of them are well established (you can create many of them, but don’t expect success to come from all of them at once). These main topics are actually the top reasons why online marketers fail.

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