A Simple Guide To Hiring


Robert Condray, Negosentro | A business can’t be successful just based on the owner’s own passion for his or her business idea. Instead, you need a team of people to bring that dream to fruition. If you aren’t able to hire and retain the right talent, your business will surely suffer.

However, choosing the right people can itself be a very complicated task to complete. If you do that job incorrectly, you may even confront legal repercussions in addition to business ones. With that in mind, below is some advice you should be sure to follow in regards to your business’s recruitment and hiring processes.

Know What You Are Looking For

Another mistake employers sometimes make is investing a lot into the recruitment process but still choosing the wrong person for a position. This occurs when the employees doing the interviewing and hiring aren’t clear on what skills and backgrounds they should be looking for.

You need to get involved and make sure this isn’t the case. You may hire someone who could be a competent employee but isn’t right for a specific position. Make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for someone to work with databases, make sure you seek out applicants with relevant experience.

Conform to Employment Discrimination Law

There are also other ways you could fall afoul of the law with your recruitment and hiring processes. For example, you are not allowed to discriminate in regards to hiring based on race, sex, religion or ethnic background. Make sure no such bias exists in your hiring process and that your recruiters and human resources department conforms to the law.

Not doing so isn’t only morally and ethically questionable. It can also lead to being sued if such biases are uncovered. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that it obtained $482 million for claimants who were discriminated against by employers in 2015.

Perform Background Checks

Background checks cost money. However, they are extremely important. They allow you to eliminate people from the pool of candidates that could present a real danger to your business. For example, if your company works with children or has children for customers, you certainly don’t want to accidentally hire someone who is a convicted sexual predator. You will only discover this information by performing a background check. Not doing so could result in a nightmare scenario for you company that leads to hefty lawsuits. Statistics suggest that a red flag is turned up in 39 percent of background checks.

Simplify the Process with Software

Something you should absolutely invest in is recruitment software. This can help streamline the entire process and save you hours of work and a decent amount of money in the process. You can use such software to draft job listings and submit them to a number of different recruitment websites. You can use the software to track applicants and make sure you are selecting the most qualified candidates. Such software can even automate the process of scheduling interviews. There’s a lot it can do.

Consider Alternatives

Sometimes it’s actually not the best idea to hire an employee to fill a certain position. In certain cases, it may be a better idea to outsource that work to an independent contractor who won’t work for you directly. This can save you a lot of time and resources. For one, you won’t have to train that worker. That will be handled out the side of the company you outsource to. You also won’t have to pay for expensive benefits. Paying for an employee’s healthcare and other benefits can be a lot especially for a small business. 44 percent of companies that outsource do so to lower costs.

Every company needs to have talented employees to succeed for the long term. Make sure you put a lot of effort into your recruitment efforts and hiring processes. If you do, you are certain to benefit from obtaining employees with the experience and skills needed to take your company to the next level.

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