Show Off Your Style With These Brands

Show Off Your Style With These Brands

Show Off Your Style With These Brands | Hello! The 80s called, and they want their hair back! Or maybe not. Fashion has definitely evolved over time, thus the world becoming more open-minded about what its citizens wear and how they look. There were many decades past when folks were super constrained by societal norms and expectations that most everyone living in a particular region looked and dressed relatively the same. 

People in today’s society have never had more options to express their creativity, individuality, and style when it comes to their personal appearance. Taking a walk down any street, in any city, and in any country can yield results from geek to freak and everything in between. Popular style choices include:

  • Punk
  • Chic
  • Preppy
  • Retro
  • Grunge
  • Goth
  • Sporty
  • Geeky
  • Classic
  • And so much more!

With so many stylistic choices and places to shop, the possibilities are endless! Many are loyal to certain brands, while others thrive off of whatever feels and looks good at the time. Even when it comes to branding many have taken their personal styles and turned them into brands unto themselves. The only issue here is that there are so many to choose from! Just a quick internet search will produce hundreds of thousands of brand choices available from retailers around the globe.

Creating your personalized style is more than just throwing on some jeans and a t-shirt and heading out the door. There are many areas to consider when putting together your favorite look, so make sure to take care of each of them in order to look completely flawless no matter your endeavor.

  • Clothing

Clothing is the epicenter of everyone’s wardrobes. Whether you are heading in for a day at the office or a night on the town, your clothes are the first thing most people notice about you. Though the rules of what is appropriate to wear, and when, have changed over the centuries and have become less constrained, there are still factors to consider when dressing each day. These factors include:

  • Where you are going (work, a night out, relaxing with the family)
  • Who you will be with (coworkers, friends, your mother)
  • What you will be doing (playing sports, swimming (Fashion Nova), a wedding)
  • What the weather will be like (raining, cold, hot)

With those considerations in mind, there are many ways to build a wardrobe that fits your style. There is really no need to solely rely on just going shopping the traditional way either. Many people opt for nontraditional ways to fill their closets. Some ideas that have been utilized with creativity are:

  • Thrift shopping
  • Recycling clothes
  • Clothing swaps
  • Making your own clothes
  • Shopping online
  • Searching for clothing at yard sales

Build your basic set-up; add in some quirky favorites; rock it out!

  • Shoes

The literal foundation of every wardrobe, shoes are the best way to build any look. Some people swear that comfort should never trump style, while others believe in a “no pain, no gain” philosophy when it comes to footwear. Others are most concerned with the functionality of their shoes. The good news is: you can have it all! Advances in orthopedics have made even the toughest shoes akin to walking on a cloud.

Technology has touched almost every area of our lives, including, you said it, our shoes! If you happen to be a techie, or have a techie in your life, There are a few ways to incorporate technology into your shoes game. Elements like:

  • Virtual reality
  • Smart technology
  • Shoe knitting technology (for comfort; based on occupation)

Who would have ever thought that in addition to your shoes adding to your overall style, they could also be designed smartly or for technological purposes, such as health or gaming?

  • Accessories

The world would just be boring if we all left the house in a basic get-up of shirt, pants, and shoes. It is the little things in life that often make us stand out as individuals. Now that you have personalized your clothing and footwear choices, it is time to accessorize! Accessories are a part of styling that can really take your personal looks to the next level. Accessories do not necessarily have to mean jewelry either. Some popular accessory choices can range from:

  • Purses
  • Belts
  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • Glasses (prescription, nonprescription, sun)
  • jackets/blazers
  • Watches

Accessories are not just restricted to females! Men can choose to accessorize as well. They can also go as funky or fresh as the wind can carry them. Choices for men could be expanded to include items such as: cufflinks, walking sticks, hats, and any other item you could imagine! Pack on the accessories and take your style to another realm!

  • Make-Up and Hair

Many do not realize that make-up and hair are huge contributors to style. 

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a well done hairstyle should be worth 1,000,000. For many, keeping the same hairstyle for years works best for them. For many others, changing their style, and color, can vary as often as weekly or monthly. Popular styles and colors include:

  • Shags
  • Bobs
  • Curls/Perms
  • Updos
  • Undercuts
  • Balayage
  • Rainbow colors
  • highlights/lowlights
  • Any combination in between

Hairstyles and make-up are often the focal point at red carpet events around the world!! Make-up choices can be just as simple or outrageous as hair. Variations can go from natural to supernatural, including bronzing, highlighting, sculpted eyebrows, fake lashes, and even facial prosthetics. How much or how little is entirely up to you!

  • Vehicle

There is a saying about the cars we drive saying a lot about us, which is why this area of style is important to consider. In fact, this is one element of our lives that most people tend to forget about. Take a look at this scenario: 

You are waiting at a sidewalk table for one of your school coworkers to   meet you for lunch. You have both been teaching AP English in the same building for about 5 years. All of a sudden you hear a roar approaching from down the street. The next thing you know Mr. Smith is parking his motorcycle in a space right next to the restaurant!

You never saw that coming, but it explains a lot about his personality. What he did was incorporate his own unique style into his personal vehicle. This is becoming an extremely popular method of expression. Some other strong, statement vehicles include:

  • Jeeps
  • Sports cars
  • Big trucks
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Smart cars/hybrids
  • Foreign-made vehicles
  • Customized vehicles
  • Vehicles with sound systems
  • rare/collectible vehicles

Do not let your physical appearance be the only thing that dictates your overall sense of style. Mix it up a little and strive to own a vehicle that spells out, “This is who I am!”

For some, their style is something that has been with them their entire lives. For others, they have gleaned aspects from their parents, their environments, their friends, and other contributing factors to their lives over the years. One thing is for sure, there is no such thing as having no style. What you do with yours is entirely up to you. Keep it basic, flair it, flaunt it, or sell it, but keep it you! Showing it off would be great too.