Shop Initial Necklaces With Kendra Scott

Shop Initial Necklaces With Kendra Scott

Shop Initial Necklaces With Kendra Scott | Initial necklaces are hotter than ever, with this jewelry putting a spin on the preppy monogram necklace that makes it accessible to everyone. Whether you highlight your own first or last initial, embrace your inner High School Musical character with your SO’s initial pendant, or memorialize someone you love, an initial necklace is an easy way to add a touch of personality while keeping your look oh-so-classy. When you shop initial necklaces with Kendra Scott, you’re in for a particular treat—you have much more room for creativity than simply choosing what letter to showcase on your initial pendant.

Show off silver.

Whenever you’re choosing a piece of jewelry based in part on the metal it’s made from, you’ll almost always see silver as an option. Sterling silver, gunmetal, or even vintage silver tones all offer a version of this classic metal material. So for your initial necklace, opting for a silver setting ensures you’ll have a stunning piece that’s ready for any occasion. 

Vary your vintage. 

Silver isn’t the only metal that offers a vintage tone. Vintage gold is another beautiful hue, taking a toned-down approach to the glitz and glamor of conventional gold. A vintage take on your favorite metal allows for a little extra variety within your jewelry—even if you decide against mixing metals, these variegated hues will add depth and diversity to your look. 

Go for the gold. 

Rather than opting for a vintage metallic tone, you might decide to dive headfirst into the Olympic-worthy sparkle of full-fledged gold. Consider a dainty diamond initial pendant for a subtle sort of sparkle, or show off your gilded, glitzy initial with a bolder take on this glamorous shade. Either way, anyone looking your way will know that you’re worth your weight in gold (and then some). 

Opt for abstract. 

A dainty initial pendant is by far the most popular option for an elegant take on the conventional monogram necklace. However, not every fashionista is aiming for a look that’s on-trend. Instead, you might prefer an abstract initial necklace. Not only will your pendant play the role of a fashionable accessory, but it will be a work of art too. What better way is there to show off your unique personality? 

Rock rose gold. 

Are you dreaming of a romantic take on your new initial pendant? Look no further than one made of amorous rose gold. This metal necklace is especially ideal if the initial in question isn’t your own but is meant to represent a loved one. The blush-studded undertones of a rose gold initial pendant will stand out from any other jewels you choose to wear, while its lovely hue will show off your strongest, fondest feelings in the process. 

Mix and match. 

Who says your jewelry must be constrained to one shade, style, or selection? Instead, try your hand and mixing metals and layering pieces as a way to represent you and your unique fashion sense truly. For example, mix your own initial pendant with those you love most, or combine your initials with another beautiful jewel. No matter how you approach your mixing and matching, you’ll have a beautiful style that’s entirely your own. 

When you choose an initial pendant from Kendra Scott, you’re getting so much more than a necklace that happens to have a letter hanging from it. No matter the metal or style you choose, you’ll be getting a personalized take on your personality, with the added impact of your initial or that of someone you love. Unlike a conventional monogram necklace, your initial necklace has room for your unique styling touch, whether that’s deciding between a dainty diamond or eye-catching abstract initial pendant or simply considering an original mix of metals or necklace styles. 

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