Seven Ways to Boost Internet Speed

Seven Ways to Boost Internet Speed | Seven Ways to Boost Internet Speed | Nobody wants a slow internet connection. It destroys everything, whether it’s your online gaming, Netflix streaming, or anything serious, just like work from home. Therefore, I have decided to collect some practical ways to increase internet download speed. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out how you can boost your internet speed to download stuff in a matter of seconds. 

The Best Ways to Pump up your Internet/Download Speed 

  • Keep your router password-protected 

It’s good to rely on a wireless router to keep your network running smoothly. However, if you haven’t set your router password, it’s high time to do that. When there’s no password protection for the router, then anyone can steal your internet connection. It ultimately slowdowns downloading. Keeping your router password protected will be a great way to secure your network and improve overall downloading speed. 

  • Browser Upgrade 

An older version of the browser can also affect your internet speed in a bad way of course! To resolve this issue, what you can do best is upgrade your current browser. One way to upgrade your browser is clearing old browsing history. You can also erase the browser’s temporary files; you can check this option next to the browsing history. 

Moreover, disabling your browser’s ability to show videos and images will drastically boost your browsing speed. 

  • Router Reboot 

If you want to enhance your overall internet speed, nothing can be as significant as rebooting your router. Routers usually cause slow speed issues, and an old router may mean you need to look at las vegas internet providers or similar providers in your area to get yourself a new one. Old routers gather all the trash like cached memory and other background processes. When you reboot, it ultimately connects to the less-crowded channels and enhances your internet connection, improving both speed and connectivity, but old routers may need replacing completely. 

Keep in mind that while using the router, you’ll encounter several speed issues. If you’re using a VPN, then it is suggested to keep changing your VPN protocol to maintain internet speed. 

  • Stop Unnecessary Background Applications 

Now this one is obvious! Applications like antivirus software and skype use unlimited bandwidth that significantly slows down the internet speed. As soon as you stop additional applications, you experience a better internet speed. To find needless background applications, you can press ALT+CTRL+DEL. After pressing these keys, you will see a task manager with all the apps and their consumed network usage. 

  • Go for a Virus Scan 

Running a virus scan is also crucial for improved internet speed. Virus scanning will help you to detect whether your internet is slow because of malware or some other technical issue calling you. 

Some malware and viruses reside in your system and slowly damage it while reducing internet speed. A Virus scan is the only solution to differentiate between a technical error and a virus attack.  

Bear in mind that you must always install a premium quality antivirus; otherwise, it will disrupt your internet speed.

  • Try Omnidirectional Antenna 

You can say goodbye to your old router and try using a new router with an omnidirectional antenna. These antennas are designed in a way that catches good signals from everywhere, which means you can enjoy internet speed without keeping antennas/routers moved. An Omnidirectional antenna not only improves Wi-Fi signals but also aids in increasing the overall internet speed. 

  • Don’t Connect Multiple Devices with Router 

Internet speed is directly influenced by the number of devices connected to the router. I will suggest you disconnect unnecessary devices and then recheck your internet speed. You will notice a significant improvement in your connection speed. If you’re using a VPN for the router, still try to connect the necessary devices only. 


Several factors can minimize your internet speed. You can perform a speed test to analyze the root cause and then take the measures mentioned above in this blog. If your internet speed isn’t fixed after implementing all the tricks, try upgrading the internet plan or contact ISP.

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