Setting up Your Home Business: 5 Documents To Get You Started

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Negosentro | Setting up Your Home Business: 5 Documents To Get You StartedStarting a business is a major task, with lots of moving parts that need to be handled. One of these pieces is getting your business documentation in order. Fortunately, the internet provides a wealth of information to help you begin. Here are the five types of documents that you need to set up before you get too far along in your business.

Tax Documents  

Taxes are some of the most important documents you want to get in order right away. As you get started, look at which forms you will need to provide the IRS and your employees to ensure that you are ready to go from day one.  To help you get started, go through and check off which forms you will need for your company and which for your employees. Then, make sure that you know what is due when and how to submit it correctly. You will thank yourself once it is tax season and your documents are in order and ready to go.

Business Forms 

Before you create any of your documents, you need to create a letterhead to use on all of your Google Docs or Google Forms alternative. While you may not think this is important, what your forms look like will go a long way in your branding efforts. By creating conformity with your documents, you can design an image that translates to your day-to-day business. As you create your forms, think about different ways these forms can integrate and share information digitally. This digital network will help you keep your documents organized in a single storage spot – making it easy for your employees to access and use.

Sales and Order Forms  

No matter what business you get into, you’re going to be making sales in some form. Take the time to create sales and order forms that reflect both the nature of your product and your business. You want these papers to be written clearly for customers, so there are no complications with orders, and for your sales staff. Additionally, keep in mind what you are selling when you make them. For example, if you are selling consulting hours, that form would need to look different, and reflect other information, then when you are selling unit items like pencils.  By creating these standardized formats, you can ensure clear communication between customers and sales teams.

Basic Contracts  

As your business grows, you will find that you utilize some contracts more often than others. In light of COVID, this list has only grown. To get started, consider your immediate staffing needs, such as current employees, independent contractors and any other freelancers you may have. Then look at your business plans, what will be your future needs so that you can have these documents on standby. While you are compiling this list of documents, be sure to think about shorter-term agreements, like NDAs, and what you will want to have access to quickly. By getting these ready in advance, you can ensure that there are no unnecessary pauses to your business.

Marketing Paperwork  

Your marketing department is going to produce a lot of documents. However, you can help them by having certain files ready for them in advance. Most of these files are simple items that have on your marketing teams, such as a corporate logo, font and hex color codes. The marketing department will use this information to create materials that carry the corporate brand in new and exciting ways. Next, you want to set your corporate documents like set headers for presentations for both in-house and public use. These small details help create a strong brand image no matter where it is being used.

As you go through the initial setup for your company, it helps to make both short-term and long-term plans. Then, take the time to note when you need each document ready by. This will ensure a clear flow in your business.

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