SEO strategies that are hurting your business

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You have probably heard some of the online business people mention SEO once in a while.  Essentially, what they talk about is an algorithm that Google uses to rank websites. Simply put, the better the SEO optimization of a site, the higher it will rank in search engines.

Online businesses will apply every trick to see that their websites appear on the first five searches not knowing that these tricks might actually hurt their businesses. It is essential to consult an SEO expert or use tools such as Serpbook which can help you a great deal in understanding everything you need to know about better rankings.

Every year Google reviews its search algorithm that can affect your rankings. What you consider working now might not work in a few months to come. For example years ago backlinks were the got to solutions, but nowadays Google is against this strategy.

So, before jumping into the next wave of SEO solution, read this

Which SEO strategies are really hurting your business?

  • Few high content pages

Google values rich and relevant content. If your website contains irrelevant content, Google will be alerted and might strip your ranking.

It is advisable to post content that reflects what you offer as a business. If you deal with electronics, don’t post religious content. Keep your user needs in mind. Furthermore, Google rewards sites that are user-friendly and rich in relevant content.

If your site has poor content, it might suffer from fewer links. Why? Because people share rich and captivating content. A fluff content filled website will just lower your ranking.

Rich content is shared widely, and hence your website will rank among the top searches. Make it a point to post content that meets a particular goal, provides a solution to a given problem. That way, you are guaranteed of many visitors in a day.

  • Too much keyword anchor text

Anchor text is a hyperlink to another website.

Anchor texts should correlate with the content on your website. Most people will stuff anchor text on their homepages. This is not the case. Let your homepage build brand awareness. Let your customers understand what you offer when they visit it.

Avoid using anchor text that has keywords.

Use those that do not have keywords, those with the brand as an anchor text and URL as its anchor.

  • Building links to your homepage

Well, many people think that this strategy is the best to make their business visible to the audience. This is not the case. In fact, it might do you more harm than good. It is known as the number one SEO myth.

As mentioned above, the homepage should build awareness. Create subpages that contain rich content, then build those backlinks. This way, you will have many links to your website which by all means, looks more natural.

To Google, this is professionalism and Google rewards such acts that depict trustworthiness.

  • Keyword stuffing

This is the act of using too many keywords in your content. Back then it was a good way for SEO optimization, but due to the changes that Google implements, it is not advisable to follow this route.

Instead of stuffing keywords, create high-quality content that is appealing to the target audience. This way you will naturally get more links which will have a positive outcome in regards to search rankings.

Avoid more than 2% keyword density in your content.

  • Link buying

Many people will fall into this trap. Tons of websites offer this service whereby you buy as many links to your site as possible.

But in many instances, these links might not be from a reputable website or may not even relate to your content. Even though some might be trustworthy, it might harm your site when Google discovers that you have been purchasing these links.

It’s not a good strategy to buy links. Google might de-index your site for good.

  • Spam comments

Some people will spam other sites with comments that include links to their websites. Though this can be good for business, sometimes your link might appear in negative and poor comments.

This in return, will cause people to shy away from your website.


Good SEO strategies will see your website rank among the top searches. Bad SEO strategies like the ones mentioned above will wreck the reputation of your business in a blink.

It is wise to consult SEO experts that can pinpoint the best strategies. Strategies that will see you in Google’s trust and the long run help your business appear in the first five searches.

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