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NegosentroDIgital marketing is constantly evolving. Just like the preferences and needs of people are changing, so are the different trends in digital marketing. You have to present wherever the audience is, keep up with the ever-evolving trends so that you can run your business in a more efficient manner. In simple words, such trends should never be ignored and even if they are, they will somehow fail in the long run. However, that is not a reason for you to worry. We have done a bit of research on the various digital marketing trends and some of the best content strategies you can use this year. Give it all a good read to find out more.

Content That Is Long Form

Most readers and search engines these days follow the pattern of having longer content. 2019 is definitely one of those years where we can easily see approximately 2000 words on one page.

Longer texts these days can grab the audience’s attention more than others. Along with that, if the structure is well-researched and in-depth, you can get more value. If trustworthy sources mark your word as good, you will be able to go a long way with the text.

The goal of every content creator should be finding out the best ways in which they can help the user. In case there are questions you have in mind, you won’t take much time in order to create the best SEO content. Most search engines are good at understanding the user’s intentions and also be able to rank their articles better.

Many studies have also shown that longer articles also shared more social networks. Back in 2017, there were several social media posts, short articles that were easily put on many pages. Now, there are several content marketing strategies that should focus on getting a few articles published. What you should try to do is focus on more podcasts and video marketing.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has great potential now. Reports have also suggested that more than 70% of viewers and customers like to purchase after watching videos that have been marketed by Facebook. Surveys also tell us that around four out of every five uses are easily influenced by videos. It helps them choose between products and pick the best one.

Videos, in fact, are one of the best ways to increase sales and make the market grow. Several branded videos, influencer channels, and webinars are becoming popular on YouTube, just because they are videos. People who speak to the audience directly tend to have more value. They look more authentic than advertising messages with the help of words and pictures.

Technical SEO is a good investment

Websites that constantly growing each year tend to see technical SEO as a big area of investment in 2019. Kiss PR SEO strategies are also unique if you take a close look at it. Some of the biggest areas you should definitely focus on when it comes to SEO are:

  • Speed:

Your website will become a lot fast and simple when the SEOs discover that Google is also rewarding many sites apart from just one thing & that’s speed

  • JavaScript

New years also mean that several websites that you come across will be fully driven on Javascript. This also means that you have to familiarize on at least a bit of JavaScript and how many of the engines play with some of the websites that are driven on Javascript.

  • PWA’s

For the year 2019, you should always imagine how the website could live with the help of PWA in the coming days. How can it become a good experience for the users who would like to add it to their home screen?

Collaborate with others

There are several brands such as Spotify and Uber who have collaborated with other customers to give them a playlist that contains all of their favorite songs. The collaboration of these two brands with the help of one influencer will also help create new content that can also be used on different channels and groups. This helps in giving you a much bigger and wider audience.

You should always choose companies that will suit you without becoming any direct competition. Ideally, both parties will complement one another than the marketing team. Some of the best ways you can cooperate include case studies, takeovers on social media, interviewing experts on podcasts.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is highly increasing these days. This trend will probably be there for a long while, so if you can create a balance and do something for yourself through it, your business will surely expand. There are several short-lived audiovisual media that people circulate on  Whatsapp and Instagram that help them create an audience and a bunch of influencers.

In order for the content to do well on Instagram., it is important to be personal as well as authentic. Interacting with different accounts and networking is also important like personal contact us. Stories must, in fact, must have daily posts. Playfulness, authenticity and continuity and the best elements.

Content marketing is definitely stepping up in terms of technology. They are meeting expectations of customers, creating mind-blowing content and have several interesting concepts and formats on the rise. If you want to keep up with them, make sure you are alert and active at all times. Also, the trends mentioned in the list above should help.

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