Selling Gold Bullion: The Ultimate Checklist

Selling gold bullion: the ultimate checklist 2020 - Negosentro
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Negosentro| Selling Gold Bullion: The Ultimate Checklist |Selling your gold and silver is a serious business that you don’t do every day. It is therefore not always easy to find out what exactly you have, what the value is, and where you can best go. With this ultimate checklist, you will get an idea of the whole thing.

Just decided to sell your gold, but what then? Where can I go at all and how do I know if I get a good price there? Do I know exactly what I have and what is the value of that? Googling a lot and searching online results in a lot can give you general information. Just like you should research on Best Gold IRA Companies when investing in Gold, enough research should be done at the time of selling it too so that you can get its true value. A waste of your time. It’s about your gold and silver and what exactly you have. With some handy and relatively simple tips, you can easily find out.

In this article, you will know exactly how to find out exactly what you have: is it real? How much carat gold is it? What is the value? And where can I find a reliable address to actually sell it. Here you go to Sell gold bullion Sydney.

Selling your gold: first know exactly what you have

If you know exactly what you have, you can skip these steps. However, have you ordered, received or is it very old, so you no longer know where it comes from and what it is? Then it is important to find out exactly what you have. First of all, you need to know whether or not it is gold. After that it is important to determine the carat gold. That’s how you do it.

First check whether it is real gold

Without the right test stuff and knowledge, it is not always possible to determine with certainty and to assess exactly, but there are a number of ways in which you as a layman can really distinguish everything from the fake:
Gold does not oxidize: if you see oxidation on your jewelry, it is certainly not real gold.
If your jewelry says “double,” it is gold plated and not real gold.
Gold is soft and wears very easily. If you see color difference on wear spots, it is certainly not real gold.

Search for hallmarks and marks

In most cases, real gold is marked with certain hallmarks and hallmarks. In this country there are even legal provisions for this. For example, gold may only be called gold if it meets the minimum legal content of 14 carats. Jewelry of less than 14 carat gold may not be sold by law as gold.The original hallmark may also have been worn out due to wear and age, but it is still gold.Gold from abroad is often marked differently and sometimes not even marked at all.

If you find the official hallmarks, you can assume that you have real gold. However, if there are no hallmarks, it does not mean that it is not real gold. Gold from abroad is not always marked and wear marks can also wear out. If in doubt, never throw it away, but at least take it to the buyer where you are going and let them judge it.

Weigh your gold

The value of what you have depends entirely on the weight. So weight is the most important factor in the value of your gold. It is therefore crucial to know how many grams of gold you have.If you know how much carat of gold your jewelry or objects are, weigh them per carat and write this down. Please note that anything that is not gold is normally removed from the purchaser.

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