How To Select Top-Picks Home Security at a Reasonable Price

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Joanna Sommer, Negosentro | Do you have a home security system? If yes, then you are probably paying too much for it. Most home security developers have fooled us into thinking that to protect our home better, we need to get the best home security systems available, which is very expensive.

Fortunately, there’s a way to get the best home security while not paying too much for it. But before going into those details, let’s talk about how these home security developers are taking advantage of us.


  • High monthly fees


Most home security companies are charging their customers at least $30 a month, with some going even higher than that. There are even some families who are paying over $600 a year for their home security systems alone.


  • Contracts


Many home security companies require their customer to sign a contract with them. The thing about these contracts though is that a customer will be tied to them for three or more years. These contracts will keep you locked in for some pretty high monthly rates that are hard to leave.


  • Expensive systems


Home security companies like to entice their customers into buying expensive monitoring systems because they are the best ones even though you can find a similar home security system that does the same at a better price.

How to Pick the Best Home Security System at a Good Price

Although you can’t compromise on the safety of your home, it doesn’t mean that your home security system should be expensive. You just need to be smart in picking your home security system and here’s how to do it.


  • For a $100 budget


If you only have 100 bucks to spend, you must take some basic steps in picking an affordable home security system. Here’s what you can buy with your $100 budget.

This affordable home security system should be enough to deter any outsiders from getting inside your property. Also with the help of the surveillance cameras, you get to see what’s going on inside and outside of your home even though you can’t do anything about it.

.For a $300 budget


With a $300 budget, you can easily afford a legit home security system.

At $300, you now have a fully-integrated home security system that’s complete with alarms, sensors, surveillance, and a mobile app that will allow you to monitor the safety of your home on the go.

  • For a $400 budget


For $400 you can now create your own home monitoring system using one of the trusted names in the industry. .

  • The Scout Alarm DIY Home Security Pack is the best one to buy within the $400 budget. At just $319.99, the security pack already includes two window sensors, a door sensor, a control hub, a motion sensor, key fobs, and yard signs and stickers. .
  • Add in a couple of door and window sensors, and you now have a fully-integrated Scout home security system.
  • For a $500 budget


The abode Connected Home Security & Automation Starter Kit is the ideal choice when you have $500 to spend on a DIY (Do it yourself) home security system. It includes a lot of hardware and advanced features that you will find useful in keeping your home safe.

The great thing about this particular home security system is that it will not force you to subscribe on a monthly rate. It does offer professional monitoring, but only if you want it. Also, abode’s home security system works pretty well with Alexa.

Forget about having a home monitoring company to install a security system in your home because they are always expensive. A DIY home security system is a lot cheaper than the ones usually offered by home monitoring companies. This way you won’t be forced into signing a long-term contract with home monitoring companies that have high monthly rates.

Keep in mind that even if you have the best home security system, your safety is not always 100% guaranteed, especially if you are not careful yourself. Your home security system also needs your vigilance if you want to get the most out of it. There’s no point in getting the best home security system if you can’t use it to the fullest.

Joanna Sommer is the Senior Editor for InformedMag and is passionate about security and tech. She has been working in the home safety and security field for 5 years. Joanna loves to travel and enjoys going to hot yoga and Barre classes. She is dedicated to creating articles that both educate and help people make an informed purchasing decision.