Security Tips On Preventing Your Home From Intruders

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The home can be regarded as a safe space; where members of the family get together, make memories and be themselves. Each member of the family gets on with their respective roles and kids run and play around the home during which accidents may occur. Young children and the elderly are at higher risk of accidents in the home.  

Accidents ranging from causal to fatal usually occur in the home; this may be due to carelessness or sheer negligence and even factors beyond human control.  Because accidents are unplanned, they cannot be 100 per cent avoided but can be greatly minimized to promote the health of family members. Below are some measures to be considered in ensuring safety at home.  You should read verisure reviews here for more!


The importance of adequate lightening and alarm systems cannot be overemphasized. Some kids’ even adults have nyctophobia- fear of the dark; their imaginations get the best of them. Lightening helps prevent simple accidents such as hitting your foot against a hard surface or walking into a wall. Even at night, ensure there is a light source close by. Light reveals hidden figures and keeps your mind at ease the same as the intruder alarm for cases of burglary.

Proper Arrangement

Keeping things well arranged and in the right place is paramount. Furniture’s, jewellery, toys, just to mention but a few items should be returned to their proper placement. Avoid dropping jewellery in the living room especially if you have small kids; they might swallow them or drop in their nose or ear. Always return furniture e.g. table and chair to their proper position to ensure it does not cause accidents.

Keep the Environment Clean

A clean space minimizes accidents. Wet floors should be wiped immediately to avoid falls. Keep your external surroundings free from hazards. Rid the outside stairs of snow. Do not drop sharp objects on the floor or where kids can easily have access to them. Nylons, bones and other household wastes should be disposed of appropriately. Nylons can cause falls and bones can puncture the skin resulting in bleeding and infection. 

Remove all Potential Source of Poison

Soaps, detergents, creams, perfumes, makeup paints, can be poisonous when ingested or get into the eye hence they have to be kept out of children’s reach. Also, drugs should not be left lying around where kids can have access to them. They may chew or swallow these drugs and this may result in adverse health implications. Keeping all of these products securely locked away is best to avoid any accidents. 

Electrical Sensitivity

All electrical appliances and alarm systems must be handled with care. Do not leave cords and wires laying around in a disorganized manner; arrange them neatly to avoid fall. Ensure that even if a child climbs on a higher surface, their hand will not get to the fan hanging from the ceiling. Avoid using wet hands when dealing with electrical equipment. Do not plug naked wires directly into a socket. Unplug appliances when they are not in use. 

Get to Know People

Humans are social beings hence the need to relate with others, sometimes serves as a physical alarm. Get to know those living around you.  Your neighbours would be more inclined to be of help in times of distress if you have a cordial relationship with them. Have the contact of local authorities on speed dial; also know where to find them.

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