Say Hello to Increased Workplace Productivity

organised at work Increased Workplace Productivity

Negosentro | An essential component of a successful company is high employee productivity. However, productivity is at an all-time low in eons of businesses. Why? A recent study recent conducted determined that the increased use of social media, smartphones and emails are a huge contributing factor to decreased productivity in the workplace. Let’s face it, you all want to be more productive at work but you waste a lot of time on small tasks and often unhealthy patterns are to blame. You can always modify your behavior and improve your productivity in the workplace by working smart and not hard; and by incorporating the following tried and true tips.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

If competence was as common as technology, then you would not have to do everything. Then you could enjoy your breakfast instead of eating it in your car on the way to work. Right? The cliché rings true, because the early bird does get the worm. According to productivity expert Tony Wong it is best to spend the first part of your day concentrating on yourself because you perform better at work when you have a fulfilling personal life. So turn off the notification settings on your cell phone and electronic devices and attend that early morning spin class that you’ve always wanted to go to but never had time for. Save your more important tasks for later in the day because you will be fueled up and ready to tackle whatever may lie ahead. If you require a few cups of coffee to get moving in the morning because you are a night owl this tip may seem ridiculous to you. However, if you stick with it for 21 consecutive days, waking up early in the morning will become second nature to you. Experts believe it takes about that long to form a new habit.

Complete One Thing at a Time

Multi-tasking seems like the right thing to do at work. Why complete one task when you can complete 3 simultaneously? It’s simple, multi-tasking is not a productivity booster it is the opposite. Multi-tasking is the grim reaper of productivity. The University of London conducted a multi-tasking study. The study concludes that production in the workplace decreases by as much as 40 percent when people multi-task. The constant switching of tasks creates mental blocks and decreases the IQ(Intelligence Quotient) of the worker. The research showed that the IQ of the men participants in study dropped to the same level as prepubescent children when multi-tasking.

Say goodbye to multi-tasking! Say hello to increased productivity by completing one task at a time. Give the single task your undivided attention. When your hand itches to scroll through your phone ignore it and consider your IQ. Is staying updated on the latest celebrity drama worth it?

Get Outside Help

Sometimes efficiency and productivity means getting help from outside factors. If you feel overwhelmed with your massive workload consider finding experts or specialists to do the work that you are not well acquainted with. For example, if you own a pest control business, you can hire another company to focus on your pest control marketing. By doing so you can then focus more on improving your product and the inside operations of your business. Many businesses do this to save time and manpower for more important things inside their business. Remember, asking for help from outside sources is not a bad thing. It will actually boost and benefit your business in the long run.

Spend Time on Your Work

Delegation is necessary if you want to be more productive at work. No one can do everything all the unnecessary but after you realize how efficient it is you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. If you delegate tasks responsibly your job will become less stressful and easier to manage.

Workers are often misinformed about delegation.They assume that delegating work increases their workload; because they have to ensure the task is completed correctly in addition to completing their own assignments. This is simply untrue. It is pivotal to consider the requirements of the task and reliable and equipped to complete the task. Once you delegate a task, you are free to focus on whatever you are working on wholeheartedly.

Get More Sleep

The director of Boston University’s Center for Psychological Rehabilitation polled 1,000 people randomly. More than 70% of the people surveyed admitted to catching extra z’s in the workplace. The people polled admitted that they were not getting enough sleep at home. Concentration, memory, mathematical ability and logical reasoning are all decreased by lack of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation you need approximately 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night if you are 26 years old or older. Ensure that you are getting all the sleep your body needs to function properly by prioritizing tasks. You are making more work for yourself by short changing your sleep cycle. When you are tired you make mistakes that you would not make otherwise. So time you could use to tackle new tasks,will be used to correct simple mistakes you made when you were fatigued. Do not make more work for yourself. DVR your favorite late-night show and get some rest. Your body and your boss will thank you.

Increasing productivity at work is possible if you are willing to apply the information you read today. It is important to realize that counterproductive habits in the workplace were not developed in one day so they will not dissolve in one day either. Consistently delegate tasks, get plenty of rest and remember to stop yourself from multi-tasking; and your dream of increased productivity in the workplace will be realized.