How to Save Money on Office Expenses

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Hazel Sherman, Negosentro | To run a profitable business, you must figure out how to save money on office expenses. But before you can do so, first find out where you’re incurring unnecessary expenses. And don’t go too far in your search.

It’s the small things you do – like buying paper when you can use digital documents – that amount to unnecessary expenses. Here are some other easy ways you could save money on office expenses.

Switch off Electrical Appliances

To start saving money, start by looking at your energy bill – a large, though important, monthly expense. Are you paying more than you need to every month? And if so, what can you to reduce your electricity consumption?

The amount of energy you use depends on how you use your photocopiers, printers, computer desktops, coffee machines, and other electrical appliances. When you’re not using them, don’t leave them in standby mode, for they’ll still consume energy, though little. Instead, shut them down until you need them again.

Install and Switch Off Energy Saving Lights

Electrical appliances are not the only ones to blame for your large electricity bill. The lights you’ve installed are just as guilty. To address this problem, first install compact fluorescent lights or LED lights. Compared to incandescent bulbs, these consume 30-50% less electricity. Next, install motion sensors to switch off the lights in any unoccupied room.

Manage the Air Conditioning

About the high energy consumption, the third culprit is the AC. Although you need to keep your premises either warm or cool depending on the season, do so wisely.

Often, you either heat or cool your rooms more than necessary. So to save money, adjust your thermostats to exact temperatures. Then, discourage your employees from tweaking the thermostats.

Buy Second Hand Equipment

There is no reason for you to buy new office furniture or things like printers and other secondary pieces of equipment new. If you’re strapped for cash, buy used as much as you can. You can use a service like to search through craigslist ads and look for hidden gems.

Digitize Documents

Away from energy, digitize your documents to save money. Although this seems like a simple, straightforward thing to do, most people never think of it. They store tons of unnecessary paper documents that if digitized can easily fit into a hard drive. Worse still, both the documents and cabinets cost you both in money to buy the paper and in storage space.

Pay Less for Insurance

Finally, to cut costs, look beyond what’s happening in your office. Focus on what your insurer is charging you, and you’ll be surprised. Most insurers add hidden fees in their policies, costing you money. So before buying a policy, scrutinize it, haggle with the insurance agent, and, then, buy only the best coverage for your business needs.

All these tips will allow you to save on office expenses and redirect them towards your business. Things as simple as switching off any lights and appliances and installing energy-saving bulbs might seem minor at first but can easily pile up over time.

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