How To Save Money On Marketing For Your Small Businesses

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Joanna Marie, Negosentro |  When starting up a small business, bringing in potential customers and clients can seem like an impossible task at the best of times. Whether you’re introducing a brand new technology to the market or you’re fighting through masses of competitors similar to yours, marketing is going to be your most valuable tool when it comes to bringing in new customers, but it’s no secret that traditional forms of marketing can also be expensive. While it’s possible to get loans until payday when facing a personal financial emergency, businesses need to find alternate ways to manage their money, and so we’re investigating how best small businesses can save money on marketing.

Use Free Marketing Platforms

The digital world is expanding, and as we all well know, people like getting things for free. So, as you might expect, more and more people are utilising free platforms as a form of marketing – take social media, for example. You’d be hard pressed to find a company that doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter or another form of social media in this day and age, and this is mostly down to the fact that they are effective. Setting up a business social media account is as simple as clicking a few buttons and filling in your information, and then you can start posting! You can also  boost posts and send out ads as and when you have the budget to do so, and even set the budget you’re putting into each post at any one time.

Utilise Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a small businesses saviour, especially where local search is concerned. When someone searches for a service ‘in their area’ on Google, you’ll want your business to come up and the best way to do that is through optimising your site for SEO. Through improving your site speed, equipping your CMS with an SEO plugin that can track how optimised your site is, ensuring your site is mobile friendly, utilising keywords across your site and its content and optimising your meta descriptions, alt tags and page titles, you’ll be well on your way to putting your site at the top of Google’s rankings. Bulking this up with a healthy backlink profile will also do your site and your rankings a world of good.

Do It Yourself Where Possible

With all of the points on this list, you can hire professional assistance but the truth is that most small businesses can do a lot of it on their own. Where possible, learn more about different marketing techniques and SEO best practices and get to doing a bit of DIY! If you have no web knowledge, hiring a web developer is probably a good idea, however this cost can easily be balanced out when you do much of your alternative marketing yourself.

Keep Things Simple

It’s important not to overcomplicate things. Simple products don’t need multiple pages that are likely to hold no content value and having too many marketing campaigns going at once could also lead to excess money going out without seeing a healthy return. By keeping things simple and trying things out as you go along, you can better manage what you do have without risking wasted time or money.

Recycle Bits Of Previous Successful Campaigns

If you’ve had previous campaigns that were successful but can’t reuse the entire campaign, take its most successful points and put it into your new one! Put together the best bits from previous campaigns and you’re likely to have a highly successful one this time around without needing to invest in any extra research or development for a brand new ad campaign.

The more time you invest into your marketing, the better it will be and often without having to pay out extensive amounts of money. Even though free marketing techniques tend to take longer, they offer longer lasting results, which will ultimately bring your small business better success in the long run. Try out the techniques we’ve mentioned above, and you could be sitting at the top of Google and increasing your conversion rate in no time!

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