Savage 308 Rifles – Are They a Good Choice For Hunting Deer?

Savage 308 Rifles
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Savage 308 Rifles – Are They a Good Choice For Hunting Deer? | Customers looking for a hunting rifle have a lot of choices to sift through. Manufacturers like Merkel, Savage, Blaser and Remington offer a wide range of good quality bolt and lever action products that can make finding the right option for your needs hard to work out. To help you in this regard, we now focus on Savage 308 rifles and what they offer. 

To begin with, the 308 is popular with hunters and there are plenty of reviews out there pointing towards the fact that it’s a rifle that’s effective at both long and short ranges. In fact, it’s known to be effective for deer hunting up to distances of 500 yards or more.

An Efficient Weapon For Noise & Kick

Look into reviews of Savage 308 rifles and you’ll find lots of users saying that it’s their favourite choice because of how efficient it is. What we mean by that is that it offers a similar performance as a Magnum and it does this with much less in the way of recoil and noise. 

Even those who own rifles for deer hunting like the Ruger have been on the message boards saying that the 308 actually outdoes some of the big boys for performance.

Let’s Take a Look At a Few More Customer Opinions…

They do say that the most honest opinion you’ll get for any product is not from the manufacturer, but the users, so let’s continue in that vein to get to the truth. We’ll do that by looking more closely at some of the things being said about Savage 308 rifles. 

There are numerous mentions of the 308 being cited as one of the best whitetail rifles going, with a variety of Savage models getting similarly glowing reviews. There are also just as many saying that when the right combo is found, it’s one of the best overall hunting rifles they’ve owned.

Part of this reason is their build quality, as they’re certainly designed to resist wear and tear. One of the few negative comments we found related to the 26 inch barrel, which the reviewer claimed to have cost him a few deer kills due to being cumbersome, knocking into branches and scaring the prey away.

So, The Verdict Is Pretty Clear For Savage 308 Rifles

So, even without looking too far into the subject, it’s pretty obvious that hunters love the Savage rifle that is the 308. It performs well when it needs to, it’s not too noisy, it’s not overly tough on the shoulder and if you don’t mind the slightly longer barrel, then you’ve almost got the perfect hunting weapon. 

We know that these opinions are just that – opinions. However, you can get a lot from information like this, as it’s unbiased and based on use – not theory. In our honest opinion, it would seem that you could do a lot worse than invest in a 308. 

Are there better hunting rifles out there? Maybe, but not many. 

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