Russian Search Engine Marketing Trends in 2020

Russian Search Engine Marketing Trends in 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro|Russian Search Engine Marketing Trends in 2020|Russia is one of the largest and fastest-growing countries on Earth. This nation has consistently been on the cutting edge of technology and this includes digital marketing. Marketing has undergone significant changes over the past few years and one of the biggest shifts has been the growth of search engines. In the past, people used to turn to print ads and radio spots to learn about products and services. Now, people turn to search engines. There have been some major developments in the field of search engines, including the growth of search engine optimization (SEO).

An Overview of Search Engine Optimization

For those who might not know, search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the creation of digital marketing content that is designed to drive content to a website. When businesses are trying to build a digital marketing campaign, the goal is to increase the online visibility of the website. In order to make this happen, a website needs to create content that the search engine is going to like. Essentially, the goal is to optimize content for the website, thus the name.

There are going to be a few trends taking place in Russian search engines, particularly with respect to Yandex SEO news. For this reason, it is important for anyone who is trying to increase online visibility throughout Russia to note some of the biggest trends in Russian search engines.

The Growth of Local SEO

One of the biggest trends with respect to Russian search engines is the growth of something called local SEO. This is SEO applied for a given geographic area. For example, brick and mortar stores, retailers, and other physical locations want to make sure they target their ads to the local population. This is where most of their business is going to come from. Therefore, they need to figure out how to do this.

When search engines receive local tags, they are going to inherently target businesses that are within the local area. Some of the important local tags include zip codes, towns, cities, states, and more. In order for businesses to execute a strong digital marketing campaign surrounding local SEO, they need to have articles, graphics, and videos that are related to the local area. This might include references to local zip codes, major shopping malls, cross streets, parks, and more. The company needs to let the search engines know that they are located in a certain area. 

The Evolution of the Google Location Box

Anyone who has typed a search query into Google recently has probably seen a special box located above the top results. This is typically accompanied by a map and a picture. This is called the Google three-pack. This is one of the most coveted spots to land in the world of search engines. This coveted three-pack is important because it provides businesses with an added layer of visibility. When a business lands in the valued three-pack, there is going to be a map with a pin related to the physical location, a picture of the establishment, and additional important information. This includes hours, a link to the company website, reviews, and more.

With so many businesses trying to land in the three-pack, it is important for businesses to plan and execute a strategy to land in this area. This starts by verifying the address of the business in the online directory. It is important for businesses to create an account with Google to do this. Then, businesses need to collect positive reviews so that Google knows this is a highly-rated establishment.

Russian Growth in 2020

These are a few of the biggest trends in search engines that are going to impact Russia this year and beyond. This is not only a new year but also a new decade and the pace of technological advance is going to quicken. It will be interesting to watch search engines in Russia evolve as the year unfolds.

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