What To Do When You Run Out Of Fuel? (Infographic)


Jason Caldi, Negosentro |  Before any roadtrip, whether you’re going alone, with someone, or with a large group, it’s always deemed necessary that you check your vehicle’s overall conditions to ensure a smooth travel. From the cleanliness of the windows and windshield, the security tools such as car alarms and locking mechanisms, condition of the engine, water levels, car temperature, tire conditions (including spares), to the fuel levels, everything must be in top condition.

But in the midst of cruising down the open road with nothing but the scenery and the skies for miles and miles, and your friends or family happily spending time with each other within the confines of your vehicle, something can still go wrong. Despite the measures you’ve set so you won’t face any problems while on the road (especially not when you’re in the middle of nowhere), the unthinkable happens. Your car’s fuel gauge is dangerously teetering towards the “Empty” sign – or worse.

You might’ve been too invested in the journey that it completely slipped your mind that your car is in need of some serious refueling before you went off-road or off-radar for some miles. Or you might’ve underestimated just how much fuel your car will be burning off along the way, particularly due to the weight, unforeseen traffic conditions, or your vehicle basically working overtime. You might’ve also been distracted during your last gas station stopover that refueling completely slipped out of mind in lieu of taking a bathroom break or replenishing your snacks at the station’s convenience store.

Whatever reason you might have for this oversight, it doesn’t matter now as the clock is ticking and you’re stuck in the middle of a road that’s stretching down for miles and miles with no signs of civilization (or a gas station at the very least) as far as the eye can see. No cars along the road with you, too. You’re also not entirely sure where exactly you’ve stopped in regards to the last landmark anyone in your party has seen. Depleting your phone battery to check your location through GPS (and Google Maps) doesn’t seem to be a smart decision as well, not when you don’t have any plans formulating just yet and there’s also no charging station anywhere in sight.

So, what can you do during this unfortunate scenario? What kind of risks can you take that will help remedy your situation ASAP? What methods can you implement to make sure that you, your traveling party, and your vehicle will still be able to make it through unscathed?

Don’t be caught unaware like a deer in the headlights! Here are the key takeaways on the infographic by iChoose.ph on what you can do to escape this situation:

Don’t panic and think straight — If this unfortunately happens to you, have a clear presence of mind. Get to the right lane immediately, put the car into cruise control, turn off the music, and do everything to save up on energy.

Turn off your air conditioning — Turning off the air conditioning reduces engine stress, saving precious fuel.

Roll up your windows — Wind resistance will affect the speed of your car, requiring your engine to use up more fuel to compensate.

Don’t speed up — Cars are the most fuel-efficient at 35 to 45 mph.

Drive downhill — It takes less gas to coast downhill than to climb a grade. What you shouldn’t do is shift into Neutral while coasting, as it’s more wasteful.

Get help — Search for the nearest gas station and contact a towing truck. You can also call your insurance company. They might offer some assistance.

What about Fuel Delivery? — There are apps nowadays that can deliver gas to you through the nearest gas station.

Know more about these tips by checking out the infographic now.

SOURCE: https://ichoose.ph/blogs/run-out-of-fuel-infographic/
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