All About Rubber Gasket & Seal Extrusion to Know Before Investing In Them

Rubber Gasket & Seal Extrusion

Lady John, NegosentroPopularly known as mechanical seals, rubber gaskets have been used to avoid or deal with leaks in different substrate sections. Although most of the gaskets are made of metal.  Hence, it adds to their longevity and ability to bear high pressure. Also, rubber gaskets are in high demand as they are used in various arenas to provide leak prevention properties. In addition, their custom-made feature also makes rubber gasket a useful product.

Before knowing more about rubber gaskets, here is an important information on various types of gaskets. The most common of them are:

  • High-Temperature Gaskets: These kinds of gaskets have been used to bear high temperature and pressure. Made up of graphite, carbon and metal, these gaskets are good to be used in corrosive environment.
  • Sponge Gaskets: As the name suggests, these gaskets are made with foam and sponge material. These are perfect to be used in case of air retention, dust, moisture, power and gas retention.
  • Metal Gaskets:  Made up of hard as well as soft metals, these metal gaskets are beneficial in situations like high pressure, high temperature, low pressure, low temperature and high or low stress.    
  • Soft- Cut Gaskets: These gaskets have been manufactured in a manner that they could be easily compressed. Such a gasket is useful in applications with low bolt load.
  • Rubber Gaskets: Rubber gaskets, also known as O-rings, are made with silicone or synthetic rubbers. Like metal gaskets, the high-quality rubber gaskets are also durable and strong enough to withstand high pressure. This is a major reason it has been used in various areas linked to applications of rubber gaskets.  

The rubber gaskets are also used in case where voice dampening is required. These gaskets are the perfect combo of durability, flexibility and various other sealing qualities.  

# Rubber Type Used to Make Rubber Gaskets

Synthetic rubber, which comes in many types, has been a major material used to make rubber gaskets. Its usage depends on how the gasket will be used. For example, while using synthetic rubber to make rubber gaskets, they analyze if the product will be handling extreme heat or cold pressure. Various types of rubber used to make these gaskets are: Nitrile rubber, Fluorocarbon, Ethylene Propylene, Neoprene, Silicone and Polyurethane.

# Applications and Buying Guide

Rubber gaskets are used in various arenas due to their numbers of benefits. Their type depends on the environment where they are going to be used. Their widely known applications are implied on pipes, woods and lists of other applications.

Those who are planning to buy the product must keep a few things in mind, and some of them are:

  • ‘Dimension’ is the first things to remember while buying rubber gaskets. Buyers should consider number and size of bolts in the gaskets.
  • Applications of the product and environment where it is going to be used should also be taken into account while buying it.
  • In addition, other factors to consider here are: temperature, compatibility, lifespan and price.
  • While buying any kind of gasket, pressure and temperature are the most important things to consider. The two vital factors have direct impact on each other, as with the rise in heat, pressure also rises. And it happens vice versa. A buyer must discuss about these two important factors while making a purchase to avoid any mishap in the future.

These are important features of the gaskets, especially rubber gaskets, that highlights their usefulness and makes it a necessary products to be bought. But they should be bought after considering all the above-mentioned factors.