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8 Steps to Understanding The Mobile App Development Lifecycle Best Apps That Will Help You In Telecalling In Sales Xamarin Mobile App Development Industry Apps - Negosentro | Revolutionizing Mobile App Development Industry – Xamarin | There is no doubt that we are living in an era of smart TVs and smartphones. However, even during this time, we are all dependent upon the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to build an app that can offer high-performance. Not only this, but our motive has also shifted towards ruling the iOS and Android market that makes it essential to go for the apt-est framework.

This leads to Xamarin that is considered a topmost cross-platform framework due to its open-source nature. In addition to this, the apps developed with Xamarin are feature-packed, scalable, and secure that is user-friendly.

Hence, companies prefer hiring Xamarin developers that can offer them topmost mobile app development. It is not easy to ignore the features and approaches that Xamarin can offer in the development industry. Cross-platform apps are developed easily with Xamarin on major platforms.

Salient Features of Xamarin

Xamarin is a tool that offers an amazing technology stack and a huge community. Apart from this, there are a number of features that are added to the list of Xamarin.

  1. C# Language – It is a single code language that is used by Xamarin to develop cross-platform apps. The mobile developers use this while integrating it with Appcelerator Titanium like frameworks to offer high-performance apps that can offer look and feel of native apps. 
  2. Xamarin.Forms – It is a product of Xamarin that is used to develop a simple mobile app or prototype of it. The product shares the whole code for both Android and iOS i.e., 100%. Additionally, Xamarin.Mac is also used for Mac OS application development. There are several other products that are used for the development process that will be discussed in the Xamarin stack.
  3. Wear Support – Xamarin is the platform that is used to develop apps not limited to smartphones but also Android and Apple Watch devices. Visual Studio is used by mobile app developers that integrate Xamarin to develop Watch apps for Mac and Windows as well. 
  4. Compilation – Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android are the two biggest products of Xamarin that are used for mobile app development. For Android Xamarin apps the intermediate language is integrated followed by the assembly code. iOS Xamarin apps are a bit different since the original ARM assembly code is compiled directly. In both cases, the app development process is optimized and automated to tackle issues such as memory allocation, garbage collection, and platform interoperability.
  5. Platform SDK – C# syntax is used to access SDK as per the platform for development. The code binding is done for the platform-specific mode in the development process. In the majority case, the development process can be tackled easily while keeping the environment in mind. This can easily be used for tasks such as Google Analytics, barcode scanning, and PayPal integration as per the requirement.

Xamarin Project Structure

The development of the app with Xamarin is mainly done over Visual Studio and Windows Studio. The debugging of an app is directly done on emulators, desktops, or devices. For iOS, Visual Studio is connected with iOS Storyboard Designer and iOS Simulator or Visual for Mac is used. 

Xamarin is used by topmost companies such as GitHub, Trello, and Slack due to a number of reasons including its structuring. Here is a basic structuring reason for using Xamarin.

  1. Single Code For Multiple Platforms – For the mobile platform app development, Xamarin uses .NET framework with C# Complementarities. This helps in reusing the source code by 96% that increases the overall engineering cycle speed. There is no need to switch between platforms that write the code for different platforms in Xamarin. Hence, no additional cost is required by the Xamarin for the cross-platform app development. 
  2. Native User Experience – Xamarin offers flawless experience to not only developers but users as well due to its specific UI elements. Xamarin.Forms tool is used for the development of a cross-platform app that helps in converting app-UI components into the elements as per the interface or platform. This helps in enhancing the speed of the development for several projects. Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android tools are used to develop high performance and custom user interface apps.
  3. Open-Source Technology – Xamarin is used for the radical changes to work along licensing policies. In addition to this, Xamarin SDK is open-source and can be used by anyone including libraries, runtime, and command-line as per the tool structuring. Microsoft has taken a step forward while eliminating big factors such as the cost of license its barriers. Due to this, Xamarin has gained a lot of popularity over time due to its reliable technical stack.


These are the major advantages of using Xamarin as the main app development framework that has taken over the cross-platform app development industry. Not only this but the demand for Xamarin is increasing with time and it is now revolutionizing the industry. 

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