Remote Working Opportunities in 2019

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Remote working is a liberating option for millions of modern professionals, and there are a surprising number of opportunities available across different industries and disciplines for those who want to live a more balanced life.

Here are just a small selection of jobs that might appeal, focusing on remote working roles that are sure to be in-demand in 2019 and beyond.

App Developer

Mobile apps form a vastly influential niche of the wider software development marketplace, which is unsurprising given that smartphone ownership is set to hit 2.5 billion next year.

Thanks to the power of portable devices, there is an ever-expanding call for innovative developers to help businesses build their own apps. Companies like Casumo have exciting opportunities, both on-site and remote in nature, for app experts. We’d suggest to visit their careers site if you are interested in taking on this type of work.

The alternative to becoming a full time team member of a budding start-up is to follow the freelance route into app development. Average pay varies wildly, for obvious reasons, but it is perfectly possible to make anywhere between $45,000 and $100,000 a year or more in this profession, even when working remotely.

Social Media Manager

Just as app downloads are being fuelled by smartphone sales, so too the rise of social media has come about mostly because people can access popular services via their pocket-sized device of choice.

Businesses looking to engage with modern audiences have to embrace social media, but most don’t have the first idea about how platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter actually work. That’s where working remotely as a social media manager can be a boon, especially for people who are already intimately familiar with this type of solution.

You’ll need to be able to come up with compelling content to entertain followers and make sure your client earns more visibility on key platforms. You’ll also be expected to handle some customer service-style tasks and ultimately manage communities that are developed around brands via social media.

Average salaries of around $30,000 can be expected for this type of work, although if you go all-out as a freelancer or a consultant and juggle your duties while working remotely, you could make a lot more.


This is clearly the most flexible and nebulous of the remote working jobs you can embrace in 2019, since it can include a huge variety of different projects and disciplines, allowing you to focus on writing about the things you find interesting, or chasing clients that are willing to pay the most for your work.

Writing copy for business websites is perhaps the most stable, reliable and resilient option for remote work of this type. You could also turn your hand to crafting content for social media, coming up with taglines for ad campaigns or even writing for up and coming web series on popular streaming platforms.

As with any freelance role, you will need a degree of get up and go to make your career as a writer a success. But if you want to work from anywhere, with just your laptop to weigh you down, this could be the best shout. Earnings of anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 can be expected, according to your experience.


This is a remote working opportunity that will really only appeal to those who have already established themselves with a solid following on social media. However, for people in the right position it could be a supremely sensible career move.

While you are unlikely to immediately start making hundreds of thousands of dollars for sharing a sponsored post, like the biggest social media stars, there are still ways to monetise your presence on various platforms. This is particularly true if you cater to a niche market that advertisers are looking to leverage with some targeted content.

The influencer marketing industry is already generating more than half a billion dollars annually, so it would be well worth your time getting involved. Travel is a particularly popular area of focus, meaning that the most influential account owners can effectively get paid to roam around the world and work entirely remotely, which may well be the dream job for plenty of office-bound employees.

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