How to Recruit Your Next Employee of the Month


Redentor Juvenal, Negosentro |  Your company is expanding and you couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that affords. With growth comes more staff. You have several openings, though you’re not sure of how to hire just the right people. Fortunately, these five steps can smooth out the process and serve to attract exactly the individuals you’re seeking.

  1. Prepare Your Process

Before you reach out to any potential employees, take the time to develop a job description. Talk to other relevant players and determine exactly what is needed. Often, these conversations uncover gaps in systems that must be filled. Utilize this opportunity to restructure roles to fit the needs of your organization. Include expectations, role, duties, responsibilities, and necessary skills in a clear format so that employees and applicants all understand what is being asked of the new team member. Utilize a formal recruiting strategy. If your company has a hiring manager or human resources department, this would be the time to loop them into the process. Utilize standardization tools like a checklist so that it’s easy to compare strengths and challenges between candidates.

  1. Interview Smart

As you interview, take the time to develop positive relationships with all potential candidates. This way, when there are future openings within your company, you’ll have a starting point and you’ll know who to contact first. You can be open about this thought process during the interviews if you’d like. Review credentials carefully with applicants, and be sure to pre-screen over the phone in order to preserve precious time, both for them and for you. Being thorough and methodical about the interview process will save time in the long run. You’ll have comprehensive portfolios with notes about each person so that you can cut down on interview time in the future.

Utilizing assistance through the form of a technology staffing agency can also help to save time interviewing. These organizations often have their own pre-screening processes to ensure quality candidates.

  1. Follow Up

After the face to face interviews, invest time in checking backgrounds and references of serious contenders. Feel free to delegate tasks to different team members who can then come together to meet, discuss, and compare findings. The ideal candidate may be no use to you if their background check came back with certain flags. Ensuring positive feedback from references means avoiding any repetition of past mistakes in the employee’s work history.

  1. Offer A Quality Work Environment

Happy employees are great employees. A workplace that offers flexibility in terms of hours and schedules is going to promote investment beyond a place that favors rigidity. Often, employees have lots of facets to their lives, and need the freedom to be able to address all of them. Investing in employees through education benefit programs or long-term bonus incentives can be great for inspiring and maintaining motivation.

  1. Understand Fulfillment

Employees must be able to envision themselves working for the company happily in the future. Offering opportunities for growth and engagement is critical. Without investment, workers are unlikely to be fulfilled, and to seek fulfillment elsewhere. Do everything you can as a company to promote holistic health through a healthy love of the work that you do.

Understand that it really does matter for people to enjoy their work, and that productivity and efficiency peak when people have vision, perceived purpose, and trusting relationships among colleagues and supervisors.

In order to hire the right people, preparation, interview process, follow up, a solid work environment, and an understanding of fulfillment are instrumental. With these tools in place, your organization will benefit from effective new employees for years to come.