Reasons to Invest in SMS Marketing – How is it Different from Other Marketing Methods

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Different methods of business marketing have been deployed to achieve the desired result in terms of business branding as well as promotion. In order to promote a business, small-scale businesses mostly go for the conventional methods for business marketing. However, there are a few nonconventional methods as well. Overall, business marketing process should be effortless and well planned. If you are seeking good result through business marketing, you can simply opt for SMS marketing technique. Why is this method for business marketing considered to be useful and productive? Well, many reasons are there behind it. Those reasons will be discussed first. Thereafter, we shall talk about the differences between SMS marketing and other business marketing methods.

Reasons to Invest Money in SMS Marketing

As stated, SMS marketing is a productive and easy attention-grabbing method for business marketing. If applied perfectly, it can fetch excellent result. If not, it may cause certain problems. However, there is minimal risk with this marketing process as it works in most of the times. Even if it does not work for your business,your business does not have to deal with huge financial losses. So, in words, this is a conventional but powerful and risk-free business marketing process which comes with certain benefits. In the following section, you can find other reasons for investing in this business marketing process.

  1. Productive Business Marketing

When it comes to business campaigning, different methods or strategies can be adopted. However, it is always suggested that businesses must embrace the techniques that are productive as well as attention-grabbing. The more attention your business marketing process can clinch, the higher the chance for your business to become successful can be noted. For effortless business marketing, SMS marketing is always recommended. It comes with a lot of benefits and thus it is a perfect way of getting excellent business marketing results.

  1. Lesser Cost Involvement

SMS marketing indulges very minimal cost or expense. If your business has a VoIP system, calling and texting will be free. For texting, one click is good enough to send a message to multiple people. As you get the chance to do business marketing at no cost, your business shall get an excellent chance to become successful. Small businesses are mostly benefitted with this business marketing method as it involves lesser investment or expenditure. With limited funding, small-scale businesses can easily conduct business promotion campaign with text messages to the cell phones.

  1. Easy to Create Contents

Contents can be created with ease, and that is the most significant benefit of business marketing through text messages on the mobile phones. Small content with loaded information is always appreciated. You need to understand the short forms of the various words which are quite large. You need to add contact number of your business so that people can get in touch with you.

  1. Works for All Businesses

All sorts of businesses can be benefitted with business marketing through SMS messages. In a lot of cases, it has been noted that a few business marketing methods only suit a few businesses. For example, online business marketing mostly supports the online based businesses or e-commerce stores. But, SMS marketing is for everyone. From small scale to large scale business, belonging to different industrial domains, all can be benefitted with perfection with SMS marketing. Any business which wants to grab the buzz among the potential buyers can surely try out this business marketing method.

  1. Advised for Quick Attention Grabbing

Instead of promoting a brand, SMS marketing should be used for promoting products or events. For example, your business wants to offer freebies on a, particularly festive day. Such business policies are often adopted, as they fetch business popularity. The good thing is that such kinds of business marketing can be done with the help of SMS marketing. It comes with a lot of unique as well as effortless benefits to offer for the business owners.

Differences between SMS Marketing and Other Methods

To know about SMS marketing, you can check the website of Simple Texting. Here, a lot of quality information has been served to the web visitors regarding SMS marketing. Now, when it comes to business marketing through mobile text messages, this marketing method is often compared with an email marketing campaign. So, mainly the differences between email marketing and SMS marketing shall be discussed in the following section of this article.

  • Attention Grabbing and Attractiveness: When judged in terms of attention-grabbing or attractiveness, email marketing falls behind the SMS marketing. People generally consider business marketing emails spam contents these days, and thus they would delete emails without reading them. Reading an SMS would take only a few seconds. Thus, people would definitely read the text messages on mobiles than email messages.
  • Expense or Cost: When compared in terms of cost and expenses, both of these business marketing methods look similar. There is no investment required for email marketing. But, for SMS marketing business owners have to invest in VoIP networking. But, for running the campaign, both methods will give lesser budget-related headache or concern.
  • Content Creation: For SMS marketing, content creation is not a big concern. Small 2-3 lines text would be good enough. Make sure that you add a business phone number so that receiver can get in touch with you. Email marketing needs good contents. Professional and well-designed mailers have to be created. It involves a lot of time as well as expertise.

When it comes to overall judgment, it could be found that SMS marketing is slightly racing ahead of the other business marketing methods. It comes with many benefits to offer. It makes the overall business marketing process more productive and seamless.


In conclusion, it has to be stated that business marketing is something which has to be planned properly. Many people think that conventional methods do not work well in many cases. Well, it could be partially true. But, tried and tested method like business marketing via text messages can be considered as always effective as well as productive.

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