10 Things You Need to Know About RaceChip Tuning and Installation

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RaceChip tuning can be easy and you can do it all by yourself successfully especially if you follow all the instructions carefully. It may seem complex at first but if you choose the right products and get all the technical support you need, you should be able to do it with ease RaceChip Tuning and Installation. 

If  you’re thinking of installing this to your vehicle, here are some things you need to know:

RaceChip tuning products are compatible with smartphones. Nowadays, smartphones have so many uses that people can’t go a day without them. This is one offer when you buy the product. You can customize it according to your wants or needs through your smartphone. You can simply adjust the settings and you’re good to go; it’s very quick to do and convenient. You can choose from three settings – economy, sport, and race. Choose the economy setting if you want to increase your fuel economy. Choose the sport setting if you want to increase your power. Choose the race setting if you want to unlock the full power potential of your car. 

It uses a complex technology but its installation process is very simple. You can do it in 10 to 15 minutes. Its plug-and-drive system will make it easy for you to install the product even if you don’t have special knowledge or tools. All you have to do is follow the installation steps carefully. You will receive specific instructions based on the model of the car you have. There are installation videos that you can check out if you want to make sure you’re doing the right thing. 

There will be changes in signal once you install it. The signals will differ depending on what car you have, but they’re mostly categorized in two – the active change and the passive change. The active changes are most likely to be fuel, intake and boost pressure, while passive changes are how the ECU reacts to the active changes; i.e. when the boost pressure increases, the ECU tailors the ignition timing. RaceChip’s function is to make certain that these changes are controlled circumspectly for safety purposes RaceChip Tuning and Installation.

RaceChip is reversible. If you don’t want to leave a trace that you’ve installed it, then you’ll have no problem because once you unplug it, no signs will be left. The engine control unit doesn’t interact with it, therefore, it will not show that it has been installed. So, if you decide that you want to return your car to its original condition, then you won’t have a problem with it. All you have to do is perform a complete de-installation and plug all the connections in its original condition and there will be no signs that you installed an additional device RaceChip Tuning and Installation. 

Doing an installation should not affect any other components of your car. EMV inspection is done for these products to make sure that they don’t have any effect on other car components. However, there could be a possible incompatibility that may affect the car’s performance. If you think there may be incompatibilities with the product and your car, don’t hesitate to contact your seller. They might be able to provide a customized product that would suit your vehicle RaceChip Tuning and Installation. 

You can’t attach this product anywhere. There are some areas that should avoid attaching it to, such as moist spaces, and components that strongly vibrate and are very hot. Check out the installation instructions to find out where the best place is to attach the module and remember that it should be attached firmly. 

The modules of RaceChip are very durable and are made of high-quality. They’re made of high-strength plastic that is heat resistant. The wiring harnesses’ cover is made of plastic conduit that is very durable. Also, the electric connectors used are all original. This is an advantage that you can enjoy once you install the product. 

You are sure to experience more power. But that doesn’t mean you’ll increase your fuel consumption. That’s the beauty of the product. Your fuel consumption will be greatly reduced even with increased power. What happens is, there is an increase in torque, which allows earlier upshift for the transmission. This means your car drives at a lower RPM rate. One factor you need to consider to achieve this is changing your driving style and learning how to upshift as early as possible.

You’ll notice a few special things after optimizing your car with RaceChip. Once you’ve adapted your driving style according to what’s needed, you’ll experience an increase in powerful thrust even if your car is running at low RPM. But remember to do a warm-up before using your car’s full capacity just for security. But other than that, there are no restrictions once you’ve done the complete installation and testing. 

RaceChip tuning can be done on any vehicle, but the petrol to be used may vary. You can ask the manufacturer or a RaceChip authorized dealer for recommendations. For engines that use petrol, it’s recommended to use higher octane fuel to achieve the highest possible power output.

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