Qualities of A Good Shipping Container

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Negosentro.com | Qualities of A Good Shipping Container | Shipping containers facilitate the transportation of goods from one place to another across water bodies. If you are in the market for a shipping container, it is important to do your due diligence to ensure that you are getting the right product since there exist a lot of containers, some much better than others.

Ideally, a shipping container put up for sale will be used for about ten years or used only once to reduce importation costs. In as much as a used container will most likely be cheaper than the once-used counterpart, this does not necessarily indicate that it is less effective as a storage unit. Make sure also that the shipping containers are well maintained by Oiler Depot to ensure its durability and cleanliness. It can provide a cost-efficient viable alternative to clients who are on a tight budget. However, whatever the type of container that you wish to purchase, there are a few features that you should look out for. To begin, used containers are not exactly the most pleasant to the eyes as they usually have dings, rust, scrapes, and dents. However, these are minor features that should not outright discourage you from acquiring the container. Below are some of the features that you should look for as you seek a container:

Patch Repairs That Are Fully Seam Welded

Being used containers, they have undergone various conditions such as being stacked on cargo vessels, composed of various cargo types. This environment consisting of salt water, ocean air, and the pressure-induced by the weight usually leaves the containers in need of repair and maintenance. This usually involved patching some sides or edges to ensure that the container remains usable. The patching process typically involves the removal of a damaged portion of the container by a welder and installing corrugated steel as a replacement. The patch is fully seam welded to ensure that the container remains both buoyant and watertight i.e. it maintains its structural integrity. Therefore, should you walk to SCF shipping containers today, be sure to check for proper seam welding as you acquire your quality container. 

Proper Door Seal Alignment

The doors of shipping containers have seals on the exterior for preventing cargo damage by water ingress during transit. Therefore, you should examine the container properly and ensure that the door seals are still firmly in place and that they align accordingly. These doors, also known as S2 doors, are usually specifically manufactured for the storage market. You should also examine the doors to ensure that they are easily usable and not stiff and difficult to operate. The doors should close and open in the desires manner which illustrates that there is no rust buildup in the hinges. 


Due to their previous use, it is understandable that these storage units will most likely have rust. However, the Corten steel needs to be treated to get rid of the rust and prevent total damage. If unchecked, the rust may eat into the steal and leave holes through which light can enter the container and damage delicate cargo. 


Shipping containers provide a cost-effective way of transporting large cargo across water bodies from one coast to another. Using the checklist provided above, you can acquire a quality used container from a reputable shipping firm such as SCF shipping containers to facilitate your business operations.

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