Pros and Cons of PEMF Devices

Pros and Cons of PEMF Devices

Pros and Cons of PEMF Devices | PEMF therapy is an emerging therapy that has seen a sudden surge in interest. An increased level of interest is valuable for any new therapy, but a thorough understanding of the therapy in question is vital in order to understand how useful the intervention is. To that end, we will go over the basics of PEMF, and its pros and cons. 

What Is PEMF? 

PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) is a type of energy therapy that generates and subsequently applies pulses of electromagnetic energy to the body, in order to provide energy directly to the body’s cells. This energy can then be applied to carry out natural, normal functions, to support health and wellness. 

The Pros of PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy is a promising intervention for numerous different ailments and illnesses, not the least of which includes tumors, mental illness, and bone remodeling. What is it that makes PEMF therapy so promising? 


Although PEMF therapy machines can require an up-front investment of between $400 and upwards of $10,000, they can be used on a daily basis. The cost-per-use is substantially lower than that of a typical therapy session, which can range anywhere from $60 to over $200. Even when PEMF therapy is delivered in a clinic rather than being used with a home machine, PEMF is often much cheaper than other therapy sessions, starting at as little as $20 per session. 


A brief perusal of Pubmed reveals countless PEMF therapy studies demonstrating the efficacy of PEMF machines. From treatment-resistant depression to remodeling fractures, PEMF therapy is a highly effective intervention that can be applied to severe, acute, chronic, and minor ailments, alike. 

Ease of Use

PEMF therapy machines are extremely easy to use, and people who opt for at-home applications are likely to find that their machine is extremely easy to operate. Regular use is essential for results, and users are typically pleased with the simple, straightforward nature of PEMF therapy machines. 


PEMF therapy is one of the safest options available in therapy, as there are no real risk factors documented when using PEMF therapy, nor are there any contraindications with existing medications and therapies. PEMF therapy’s safety is one of its greatest assets and is one of the reasons that many people turn to PEMF. 

The Cons of PEMF Therapy

As the pros above can attest, there are few issues with PEMF therapy. A highly safe and effective intervention, PEMF therapy is largely a no-brainer for people who want to support their health or target specific ailments. Nevertheless, there is one substantial con to PEMF therapy that may disqualify PEMF therapy for some interested users. 

Potential Limitations

PEMF therapy does have two limitations: electrical implants, and pregnancy. Interested patients or clients who are pregnant should avoid PEMF therapy in order to ensure the safety of themselves and their baby. People who have electrical implants may experience interference, which can cause serious complications. 

Ultimately, PEMF therapy is a highly safe and effective form of therapy, and it can used for a host of issues and concerns, making it a powerful therapy modality for people from all backgrounds and needs.