These 5 Low-Key, Low-Cost Self-Promotion Strategies Actually Work. Here’s How.

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Negosentro|You’re not one for self-promotion. You prefer to trade on your track record of accomplishments, on your proven ability to actually get things done for your bosses, clients, customers, whoever Promotion Strategies .

Join the club. You’re not the only ambitious person who’s more comfortable in the shadows, or at least not in the limelight.

But you’re not immune from the basic laws of physics that govern business relationships circa 2020. You still need to play by the rules, whatever your talents.

Fortunately, self-promotion needn’t cloy. By following these five low-key strategies to promote your personal and business brand, you’ll raise your profile without turning off those you can least afford to alienate Promotion Strategies .

  1. Start a Blog, Even If You’re a Mediocre Writer

You’re an expert on something. Why not show the world?

Review the bevy of cheap blog hosting options at your disposal, choose a host-template combination that’s right for you, and get to work. 

Your blog won’t be a breakout smash; don’t expect otherwise. The important thing is putting your thought leadership on record, whatever that looks like in practice. To start, focus on topics with which you’re intimately familiar, and on which you think you can add value. If you’re not comfortable writing longer pieces, consider hiring a ghostwriter or working with your organization’s media team Promotion Strategies.

  1. Interview As a Subject Matter Expert

Create an AV record of your subject matter expertise by interviewing with friendly outlets, preferably those covering your niche or general business topics. This Wharton Business Radio interview with tech entrepreneur Kris Duggan is a model; Duggan flexes his expert muscles and comes off looking like the smartest guy in the room.

  1. Join the Right LinkedIn Groups

Check out this guide to joining LinkedIn Groups. The process is easier than you think, and your membership (in the right groups, of course) will pay dividends only immediately. Think of this as remote networking, without the cocktails Promotion Strategies .

  1. Publish Deep Dives

Launch a high-visibility content portal that complements your blog, but is very clearly its own thing. Whereas your blog is partly a place for general musings (if industry-related), the aperture on this portal should be even narrower: basically, contiguous with your day-to-day responsibilities. Medium and LinkedIn are the two natural choices for high-visibility deep dives; both accommodate multimedia content stretching past 1,000 words.

  1. Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Your stage fright is holding you back. As these public speaking tips for introverts demonstrate, public speaking can be perfectly low-key. You just need to pick your spots, work on your delivery, and remind yourself that your audience really does care about what you have to say.

In isolation, no single self-promotional strategy can set you apart from the field. There’s simply too much noise and confusion out there, even in specialized niches where every key player seems to know every other.

In concert, the picture changes. These five won’t be the only self-promotional moves you’ll need to make before you cross the last career goal off your to-do list. But they comprise a powerful early package — a means to jump-start your low-key rise Promotion Strategies .

It’s time to get your name out there.

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