Promising Business Ideas for First-time Entrepreneurs

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If you made a New Year’s resolution to start your own business, you’re not alone. For those in a similar boat, knowing that you want to start a business and knowing what kind of business to start are two very different things. While you do want to start a business that interests you, it’s also important that the business will thrive and make money. These six business ideas are among those showing promise for 2019 and beyond.

Social Media Influencer Agent

To start this list off, here’s a burgeoning business idea that is expected to grow in coming years. A social media influencer is someone with a large fan base for the content they post. Similar to celebrity endorsements, businesses are hiring social media influencers to push their products or promote their brands. This means those influencers are going to need agents to represent their interests. If you’re skeptical that there’s any real money to be made here, it’s worth pointing out that social media influencing is expected to swell to $10.8 billion by 2022. That’s a 2.2% increase from 2017.

Elderly Care

As more people live longer and younger generations reach their senior years, the care for the elderly is becoming a major issue. Nursing homes aren’t equipped to handle this ballooning number of seniors and many seniors would rather stay in their own homes. Coming up with new, affordable ways to care for seniors would give you a slice of the profits generated in this industry, while giving you a chance to solve this pressing problem. If you can come up with a sustainable idea, you’ll be able to access some of the profits in this $50.7 billion industry.

Learn a Trade

No matter how far we advance as a society, we will always need skilled tradesmen. From HVAC Technicians to electricians, the demand for service personnel is constantly increasing. There are new trades that need skilled craftsmen as well too. For instance, you might start a solar panel installation service. Learning how many solar panels to power a house and how to maximize efficiency of the panels are just a few of the details you’ll have to discover for yourself. Once you know the craft, however, you can take advantage of this growing industry.

Start a Meal Kit Delivery Service

Here is another newer industry that’s really starting to catch on. Whether they want to eat healthy and don’t know how to get started, or they like the convenience of ordering ready made meals, people are subscribing to meal delivery services at an alarming rate. The only trick is that people expect high quality dishes. Unless you’re a chef and nutritionist, you’ll have to hire some quality employees. That investment may be worth it. By 2020, the meal kit delivery service is expected to rise to $10 billion in sales.

Try Freelancing as an Accountant

If you’re good with numbers and can take the time to earn a certification or degree, offering your services as an accountant may be a good move. Now that the digital age has made remote work possible, many businesses are outsourcing their clerical needs to freelancers. Maximize your income by keeping up to date on tax laws, too. Both individuals and businesses are more likely to seek out tax help than assistance with day to day record-keeping help.

Web Design and Marketing

Virtually everyone needs a website in this day and age, but the one size fits all templates no longer serve. By learning how to create dynamic websites and how to market them with SEO practices, you’ll be providing a comprehensive digital experience. Businesses will be happy to pay for premium services, when they can get all their needs met in one place.

While these suggestions may get you thinking, your goal should be to find an idea that inspires you with passion. If you don’t love the idea for your business, you’ll lack the ambition to see it through. Loving what you do is just as important as coming up with a lucrative business idea.

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