Professional Etiquette for Jobseekers and Recruiters (Infographic)

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Clyde Robinson, NegosentroProper conduct and etiquette have always been a vital part of the modern society. Regardless of age, sex, civil status, and nationality, following rules of etiquette are important to establish relationship bounded on respect and understanding of each other. However, this becomes more important when someone is seeking growth in their professional career, or otherwise looking for new talents for their organization.

When it comes to job hunting, being able to exude positive and lasting impression is sometimes all that it takes for a candidate to land his desired job. On the other, hiring managers and recruitment specialist should also be able to keep the hiring process as seamless and comfortable as possible for candidates.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, or new employees for your business, it’s always important to follow simple courtesies to ensure that we will be rewarded with success and respect. To help you out, here are the main takeaways from the infographic below from Phil. Exeq Search Solutions which discuss the etiquette for job seekers and recruiters.

For Job Seekers

  • Refrain from using the generic salutation line “Sir/Madam”.
  • Keep your email address neat and professional.
  • Ask for your references’ permission before you put their names on your resume.
  • Keep your online persona clean.
  • Prepare your career history and follow-up questions to ask the interviewer.
  • Be on time.
  • Mind your body language.
  • Always send a thank you note.

For Recruiters

  • Let applicants know that you receive their application.
  • Reach out to applicants and explain why it might take some time before you’ll be able to schedule them for the next part of the recruitment process.
  • Be mindful of your candidates’ working schedule.
  • Always protect your candidate’s confidentiality.
  • Take time to read all applications.
  • Be on time for interviews.
  • Make sure to follow-up candidates about the status of their applications.
  • Don’t give false hope.
  • Ensure that the candidate feels comfortable throughout the interview.

To learn more about, check out the infographic below.

Professional Etiquette for Jobseekers and Recruiters-01