How To Prepare Your Business For Mold Removal


Jonathan Stevens, Negosentro |  When it comes to businesses, having your own office can make transactions easier and managing your personnel a lot more efficient. However, just like any other things in life, certain circumstances, such as power disturbances and maintenance of your space, can provide obstacles and impact business operations. It’s important to guarantee that your own space will continue to be an asset and will not become a liability. When it comes to concrete structures, there can be certain invaders that can damage the stability of the building, namely the termites and mold that can eat away the organic materials of the structure.

The effects of mold on one’s health

Surely it can be ignored, however, it can slowly pose a hazard to the stability of the framework and especially to the health of your staff, including you. It should be duly noted that prolonged exposure to mold can ultimately result in serious health complications such as worsening one’s asthma, alongside allergies, cough, sneezing, skin irritations, respiratory illnesses, depression, anxiety, and even memory loss.

That is why once you spot the growth of mold somewhere in your office, you should start to take precautionary actions to guarantee the removal of it. Here are recommended steps that you should follow to prepare your business for mold removal:

  • Assessment

When it comes to personal assessment, you will notice it visually: whether it’s a spot at the corner of your office, on the ceiling, near the sink, or in the toilet—you are bound to see it either way. If not, you will most likely smell it. Mold is generally classified by a musty smell that will make you scrunch up your nose at the unpleasant odor. Whether you see it or not, you shouldn’t dismiss it, instead, it should be time to move on to the following step.

  • Documentation

If you cannot call over a mold removal service team immediately, the best thing that you can do is to document its growth daily or weekly. A simple photograph using your camera or even your phone should suffice. By doing so, you can observe the mold’s growth and if it is time to hand over the problem to the professionals, it will be easier for them to plan out the course of action to take.

  • Consultation

The time has come to seek the help of a professional and you can start by showing them the documentation, right there and then, and they can formulate an initial assessment. The site visitation from the qualified inspector is still needed and it may take up an hour or two, depending on the broadness of the premises. They will be taking in some samples to test in the lab and will find the source of the mold, most likely it’s going to be moisture from somewhere between the walls or the ceiling.

  • Preparation for temporary relocation

Mold removal or remediation can take up to 3-7 days, therefore, it may disrupt your business operation. Whether you want to halt the operation altogether until the problem has been eradicated, or you want it to continue—it is completely up to you. The latter choice will require you to move into a temporary space where you can continue your operation seamlessly, so careful planning on your part as a business owner is required.

  • Back to business

The professionals should have cleared all surfaces of any traces of mold—welcoming you back to business as usual.

To prevent this from happening again, make sure that you monitor any leaks from water pipes as mold will surely thrive from there. Annual inspections from a company like Precision Mold Removal will also be helpful to prevent another mold infestation that can grow into another problem. By following these steps, you can guarantee the safety of the building as well as the health of your personnel for a continuous smooth business operation.

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