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Of late, Maidstone has been attracting a lot of business ventures. In 2018, the county witnessed several new businesses coming into existence. As far as the numbers are concerned, as many as 15,057 new companies were registered in Kent in 2018. Medway was the county’s leading business destination and saw as many as 2281 new businesses being formed. Ashford and Maidstone occupied  the second and the third spot with 1535 and 1370 new businesses coming into the picture in 2018.

These numbers throw ample light on the fact that the county is taking giant strides in the world of new business formation. Looking at the numbers, it certainly would be no overstatement to say that the county is on its way to becoming one of the UK’s top business hubs. A major reason behind the emergence of new businesses in the region has been the county’s supportive environment.

What makes Maidstone an ideal business destination?

Maidstone happens to be an emerging business destination. Emerging businesses form the heart and soul of Kent’s economy. Maidstone is located in the heart of Kent and offers excellent connectivity to London and other major business hubs within the UK. If you’re planning to start an SME business, startup, or a multinational, the county’s vibrant business environment offers you a host of opportunities to help your business flourish.

Maidstone happens to be ‘open for business’ and the county’s Council has laid down a detailed set of programmes to enhance the infrastructure in and around the area. Currently, infrastructure projects worth  £6.7 billion are being planned in Kent. This includes the much-anticipated Lower Thames Crossing project along with the extension of the Crossrail in Gravesham.

Kent has been selected as one of the UK’s emerging  business hubs. The North Kent Enterprise Zone consists of as many as six state-of-the-art  business sites. These sites and located in Gravesham, Medway and Maidstone.

Maidstone is growing at a rate of knots. Approximately 18,000 new homes are expected to be built by 2031. Looking at these numbers, one can easily say that Maidstone will witness an influx of people in the near future. The real estate sector seems to have come to life because of the ongoing Industrial development in Maidstone.

Also, some of the biggest and the most profitable business ventures have strengthened their footprint in Maidstone in recent times. The Likes of and the Chartway Group are located in Maidstone. As more and more companies enter the fray, fresh talent will start coming into the area.

Furthermore, Maidstone is way cheaper than London and Manchester. Here are a few numbers: Suppose you maintain a certain lifestyle in Maidstone. It will cost somewhere around £ 3,097.87 in Maidstone to maintain a reasonable lifestyle.  Maintaining the same lifestyle in London would cost you around £4,700. You see, there’s a stark difference.

At a glance

Maidstone has everything that you require in order to establish and grow your business.

  • It is well connected to other parts of the UK and Europe
  • Provides you with a competitive advantage with multi-sectoral expertise
  • Major commercial, residential and infrastructural projects are being carried out in the region
  • The place is brimming with talented individuals
  • The businesses in the region are booming

To top it all,

London and Manchester have been two of  the UK’s leading business centres for centuries. Businesses are looking for newer destinations in order to expand the footfall. Greener pastures are being explored by business houses. At a time when cities like London and Manchester are sitting on the brink of saturation, Maidstone in Kent comes as a breathe of fresh air.

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