Philippine Digital Marketing Facts Revealed

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The Philippines is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies as of the moment, specifically in the Asian Continent. It is one of the rising digital markets in Southeast Asia, making it one of the notable contributors in the digital marketing ecosystem in Asia and the rest of the world.

Some facts to note that can be proven in the infographic below is that more than a billion of internet users actually come from Asia which means almost half of the world’s total internet users come from this region. This is important to keep in mind as online shopping is a growing trend and it would be smart to keep these countries a part of that whole system as they do comprise a hefty amount of it.

In the Philippines, almost half of its population make use of social media every day. This can only show how effective online advertising can take you as that percentage is mainly comprised of the youth. This generation is more likely to shop online than travel to the mall. They are also the core audiences of most bloggers, especially those in the lifestyle and food sector.

Filipinos are also fine with online ads as long as it caters to their interests and needs. This openness is a great opportunity for all those looking to get into e-commerce and digital marketing. They will be able to reach out to many Filipinos without them feeling bothered as long as you utilize the right demographic for your brand.

The Philippines has a bright and digitally advanced future in front of it and the best we can do is utilize it now while it’s still growing. With the constant increase in social media and online usage, we are steps away from becoming a fully pledged digitally transformed country. This is the best time to grow your brand online and utilize digital marketing to its full potential

With this in mind, EOI Digital has gathered some statistics and facts about digital marketing in the Philippines. We are sure you can use this information for your practical use!

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