Personal introductions (BrandMe), the power of three

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Personal introductions (BrandMe), the power of three | I have written previously about the power and importance of three in developing persuasive presentations. For example, see a review of a book about 

I have written previously about value propositions, which are essential for distinguishing and persuading during the selling process. or-usp-and/

During networking training, I also mention the SHREK model to help me develop interesting personal introductions.

  • Speak up!
  • Hook – Any connection to keep it warm
  • Reason statement – What you do with an example of similar organizations
  • Effect – A specific fact or example that has the value of benefit
  • The key question

You might also consider the three “tips of the tongue” messages you want to be famous or known for.

However, the other day I was working with senior lawyers and I showed them my 3×3 model. This allows me to easily tailor my introduction to answer questions about my work and with whom, how, and why to different situations.

#1 I am a member of:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Accountants
  3. Surveyors

#2 My background is:

  1. Psychology
  2. Marketing/Business Development
  3. Strategies

#3 I offer consulting, training, and writing services to clients.

  1. Take on business challenges
  2. Change and
  3. Grow

It was so well-liked by them that I felt I should share it.

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