Personal Crisis: How to Cope at Work

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There would be a time that sudden life events could turn your life around but you just can’t leave our job. Here’s a guide on how to stay composed at work in the middle of your personal crisis.

Tell your Boss

At times of devastating life events, you sometimes feel shy to open up about it to anyone. At work, sometimes you just want to keep it to yourself. You have to consider bringing it up to your employer. It depends on the gravity of what happened to you. You may need a good listener and your employer will weigh in how much time you need to settle down. Nancy Collamer, a career coach at said, “On one hand, your employer might be more supportive than you expect. Opening up a personal conversation might actually help to build trust and improve your relationship. On the other hand, once the proverbial cat is out of the bag, there is no turning back, and might sometimes cause unintended consequences.”

Give some space for yourself

Whether a family member passed away or recovering from a break-up, you have to take a break at work. Best to tell your employer and ask for a leave because such life events can affect your performance at work. You may not be able to concentrate properly. So before you do lapses on your tasks, deal with your personal issues first. When you get back from your vacation leave, make sure that you get back up, ready to take tasks and challenges. For sure, your boss will expect that you will be performing better after a “refresher” time.

Don’t be a toxic person

Minor and major life events will come into your life.  it can be some petty fights that will piss you off before you start your day. It’s impossible to completely separate your personal life and work life but you can modify or channel yourself not to be a drama queen or a toxic person in the workplace. The truth is, not only you who is undergoing a personal issue, your officemates too but they still go to work and get things done. Career author, featured writer, speaker, and media and marketing consultant Deborah Shane advised, “Come to work to work, leave the personal stuff at home and to your outside support system as much as possible.”

Set boundaries with people involved

Sometimes the people involved in your personal life issues is your family. In order to move on, you need to limit yourself from spending time with them. But keep it civil and casual, as a sign of respect. Tell them that you don’t want to talk about the certain personal issues you don’t want to remember. Let them understand that your coping up and don’t need frequent check-ups from them. After some time when you feel better, let them know, update them because they worry and care about you. When you set boundaries, still keep them in the loop. You don’t want your loved ones to feel abandoned.

Bonus Tip: Keep yourself busy! Do something therapeutic that you know it will make you feel better. Get busy at work, focus on your career and how to be the best that you can be.

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