Perfect Packaging – 5 Ideas for Adding A Touch of Excitement to Every Customer Order You Send

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Image Credit: | Perfect Packaging – 5 Ideas for Adding A Touch of Excitement to Every Customer Order You Send | Businesses throughout the world are jumping on the digital bandwagon. Instead of relying on visits to a physical location, they’re making sure customers can purchase their same products online for delivery to their door. What’s often missing, though, is that personal touch. If you’ve been wondering how to replicate this when you can’t see customers in person, the answer is all in the packaging. 

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Add Something Extra

Most people are excited to receive what they purchased online in the mail. However, throwing in some beautiful promotional products, like a branded lollipop or pen, can further enhance their shopping experience. The customer not only gets the joy of opening up their new product but also the surprise of a little something extra. You may even see them back as repeat customers before long. 

That Personal Touch

Businesses that deal with small online order volumes may like to consider adding a handwritten note from the person who put the order together for delivery. Nothing says “I care about your order” more than a note of thank you from a real person. It beats those typed “dear customer” letters and can also go hand-in-hand with other popular product packaging inserts.   

Encourage Interaction

There are many different ways to advertise your products, but a lot of them involve the company-to-customer angle. What if you could let your customers do the advertising for you? Add a touch of excitement to your customer orders and promote your business at the same time by encouraging product interaction. 

A brilliant way to do this is by asking people to take a photo of their product, with or without the customer in it, then uploading it to social media with the company’s tag. You may even like to offer an incentive for doing so, like entry into a prize draw or discounts on future purchases. 

Offer Discounts

If you thought it was exciting enough to get what you ordered in the mail, then what about if you also received a discount on your next purchase? 

Promotional codes, discount codes, and free shipping codes are all valuable additions to any order. In fact, as many as 60% of online shoppers seek them out before they make a purchase. Encourage repeat custom by slipping a promo code into your customer’s packaging. You’ll be welcoming them back as a repeat customer in no time. 

Pretty as a Picture

As any business owner learns from their in-store displays, presentation means everything. Think about it – you would be more likely to sell a garment draped over a store model than you would if it were rolled up in a ball on a shelf, right? 

Just because your customer’s order is online, that doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy of picture-perfect presentation. Wrap up their item nicely in tissue paper, and even consider securing it in place with string. 

Beautiful packaging inserts, such as handwritten notes, can then sit on top. An attractive package is going to be far better received by a customer than one that looks like it was put together by someone who didn’t care. 

Business owners have ample opportunity in-store to create excitement for every customer. However, the task becomes far more challenging when the closest you get to a real interaction is via the delivery. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your customers feel valued when they purchase from you. 

Make their purchase personal and encourage interaction with your brand. It also doesn’t hurt to add a token of your gratitude. Most importantly, make your customer feel excited about buying from you.


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