Parameters you should learn about before installing light bulbs

Home Electricity Tips – What to Do and How to Save Money and Power? light bulbs | Parameters you should learn about before installing light bulbs | Understanding the operating principle and characteristics of the light bulb is also helpful for the next purchase. Before buying, you must first understand the number of squares and the height of the light bulb, and then choose the appropriate bulb type and style according to the needs and budget.

1 square number has a lot to do with the use of floor light bulbs, space square number, and floor height, so be sure to confirm before buying to prevent situations where the square number is too large and the bulb wattage is insufficient. A light bulb of 30 square meters and a building height of 2 to 8 meters and 23 watts is sufficient for such a square space.

  1. Color temperature refers to the change in color perceived by the human eye under different energies of light waves, which is simply the temperature of the color, expressed in degrees k (kelvin). The lower the color temperature value, the more red and yellow light components; the higher the color temperature value, the more blue and green light components. Normally at 5,500k, red, green and blue are balanced and white light is produced after mixing. Although the color rendering is high and the subject will be more beautiful, it is still recommended to choose according to the space and use needs. It is recommended to choose the one with the marked color temperature when selecting it, so as to have a basis. (Note: The lamp tube is marked as “830”, where “8” represents color rendering, and “30” is the color temperature, which is 3,000k.)

3 The wattage of a 3 watt bulb is generally expressed in watts (W), which refers to its power level. 13W, 23W, 60W and other specifications are commonly used. The larger the wattage, the brighter the light bulb. Of course, the larger the power consumption, the higher the electricity cost. The wattage of the light bulb can be determined according to the squared space, the height of the building, and the use requirements.

4 lumens and lumen, a unit of luminous flux. This amount is a description of the total amount of light emitted by the light source, which is simply the amount of light emitted. The higher the lumen, the greater the luminous flux of the light source, the brighter the light bulb, the more light it emits. The higher the amount of light emitted, the higher the efficiency of the light source.

5 Light source efficiency Light source efficiency (lm / W) = lumens (lm) / power consumption (W), that is, the amount of light emitted by each watt of power. When more light sources consume power output, it means that the light source efficiency is higher, Therefore, pay attention to the value of the light source efficiency when purchasing. However, the luminous efficiency will still vary depending on the power, type, and usage conditions.

6 The degree to which a color rendering light source renders the color of an object is called the color rendering CRI (Ra value), which is the degree of color fidelity. The proportion of light contained in the light emitted by the light source is close to that of natural light, and the colors seen are more realistic. Color rendering is based on 1 to 100. 100 is the best color rendering. As for indoor lighting, it is recommended to use a light source with color rendering above 80.

7 Lamp head sizes Common lamp heads are named after the inventor Edison’s first word E in English. Generally, E26 and E12(lohasled e12 bulb) are common. E17 is a lamp head with a screw diameter of 17 mm. It is generally used in households. E40 is rarely used in ordinary households I haven’t even seen that, because each type of lamp holder is different in size, you must first find out the size of the lamp holder you need before buying, so as not to make it unusable after purchase. It is recommended that you can take the old light bulbs with you at the time of purchase to prevent the problem of mismatching lamp cap size after purchase.

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