Overcoming lead generation problems: Learn here how to generate more leads with interactive forms

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Negosentro.com | Overcoming lead generation problems: Learn here how to generate more leads with interactive forms | Is your website struggling to generate leads? Keep reading below to find out how to use interactive lead generation forms.  

Generating leads can be a tricky business these days as people are more and more hesitant to share their personal information online. And, without leads, there are no sales. 

Here’s the deal: a lead is a business or individual who has been qualified as a prospect and, most importantly, has expressed interest in whatever it is you are selling. So, if you want to build sales, generating leads is where you need to start. 

But when nothing else helps you convince your audience to provide their contact details, interactive lead generation forms can help. 

Interactive lead generation forms explained.

In general, lead generation forms are online forms used by businesses to generate quality leads by collecting important lead contact details, such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses. Those leads can then be tackled by your sales team with your other marketing efforts and quickly convert them into paying customers. 

Now, filling in an online form may seem an easy and pretty straightforward task for your visitors to complete. However, with online security threats on the rise and other spammy ads and emails from other businesses, today’s customers have become more hesitant to fill in those forms and give you their contact details. So, how do you convince them to? Our answer: using interactive lead generation forms that bring value back to the lead. 

Interactive lead generation forms encourage leads to provide you with their contact information as they give something back to them. By creating interactive forms that act like tools they need, you can convince them more easily to take the time and effort to fill in the form and become leads. 

Examples of interactive forms that convert

Interactive forms are handy to increase engagement because they make your visitors feel like you’re doing them a favor by providing a tool they need for free. Instead of asking your visitors for their contact data, you offer them the opportunity to use your tool for free and then provide their contact details to get the tool’s results. This will make them more willing to share their information with your business. 

What type of interactive lead generation forms in the form of a tool can you create? Here are three examples you can use:  


Knowledge tests

Knowledge tests will allow your visitors to test their skills and knowledge on a particular subject. For example, if you offer marketing services, you can create a marketing knowledge test in the form of an online form that your visitors can complete to see how much they know about marketing. At the end of the test, ask them to provide you with their contact data so that you send them the results. 

ROI calculator

If you are doing B2B lead generation, an ROI calculator tool in the form of an interactive online form might be useful and engaging for your audience. All entrepreneurs want to know the value of their marketing efforts, so your tool will allow your visitors to calculate their return on investment. 

CV reviewer

Everybody looking for a job wants to know that they have a strong CV. A CV reviewer tool will provide personalized feedback on your visitor’s CVs. For example, if your business offers HR services, such a tool can be really interesting for your audience. 

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