Overcoming Bad Job Interviews

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By Ann Gabriel | Negosentro

Is job interview your worst nightmare? It’s really an unforgettable experience when you’re giving your best or it’s job you really wanted then the interview goes wrong.

Don’t feel that you don’t have any face to show because you can get things back on track and make it right. Remember, regardless of what the outcome of the interview is, it’s not yet the end of it. You can still move on and continue with your job hunt.


Do not Panic – Mistakes are normal. Whether you had an answer that is irrelevant to the question, don’t panic. Once you’ve realized it’s going nowhere, try to keep your feet on the ground by correcting what you said to the question. Interviewers will notice when you are feeling nervous. Just think that they are still normal people like you after all.

Control Your Emotions – Keep things in perspective even if the interview is going bad. It’s just an interview and it doesn’t measure who you truly are.

Avoid Dwelling on Mistakes – When you dwell on your mistakes from the past interviews, you get distracted and makes the moment worse. Listen to the interviewer so you get a clear thought on how to answer it. Mistakes should not be dwelled upon but be taken as a room for improvement.

Do Not Try Too Hard – Your biggest obstacle towards a successful job interview is trying too hard.  When you do this, chances are you start to appear arrogant or overbearing. Be who you are and the rest will follow.


Thank Your Interviewer – Express your gratitude for the opportunity given. You can thank the interviewer right after the interview or send a thank you email. This is a sign of politeness and acknowledgement.

Do Not Vent – Even if you feel that there’s no chance of you landing to that job, it’s still not an excuse to rant in Facebook or Twitter about your bad experience. It’s very unprofessional. Just think if they have considered you for the position and saw what you did. Other employers are also on the lookout for online profiles as initial background check. So you better be careful on what you post in social media.