Online Video Creation is a No-Brainer with FlexClip – 2021 Review

Online Video Creation is a No-Brainer with FlexClip - 2021 Review | Homer Nievera, Publisher | Online Video Creation is a No-Brainer with FlexClip – 2021 Review | Among all the online video editing software and platforms that I have used in the past few years of my dabbling in video creation, FlexClip has been my personal favorite. In fact, it’s the only online video editing software I use.

Why so? Let me tell you more, from the point of view of an amateur video editing enthusiast. Let’s go –

Easy to Use But Powerful

Right off the bat, you will notice that FlexClip is so easy to use. Nothing to download. It’s all online. They have an option, though, to download the app, to make your experience better.

You can choose to either build from scratch or opt to create your videos from done-for-you templates. The hundreds of templates that you will see will be more than enough to create the videos you need. Plus, there are hundreds of available stock videos and music that you can mix and match with your script. If you want to lay-in some voice-over, you can do that, too! Oh, and I love the transitions between slides — very professional-looking!

flexclip 1
You can opt to do things from scratch or start with a template.
flexclip templates
Choose from pre-created templates.

Summary of Key Features

Though it may do better justice for you to discover what FlexClip has to offer, let me first share with you the summary of its key features:

  1. Vast media library of stock photos, royalty-free videos, and music.
  2. Comprehensive features including trim, effects, voiceover, and watermark.
  3. Animated elements: dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, etc.
  4. Screen recorder and video converter supported.
And hey, here’s an actual video I did myself, using FlexClip:

Powerful stuff, right? I’m not a professional video editor, but FlexClip makes it all that easy and professionally-looking.

What Videos Can You Do with FlexClip?

FlexClip has the amateur and intermediate video creator in mind when they built the software. First-off, since everything’s in the cloud, you don’t need to download anything, except for the finished video, of course.
The number of video categories for those done-for-you templates is vast! They have categories such as business, corporate, holidays (whatever season is near appears first), birthdays, technology, auto, and many more.
What I like most is that they have templates that cater to social media-specific platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Special categories such as education, training, how-to’s, and family have been pre-created.
In fact, they have thought of the user so much that there are some pre-made video slides already for each template you choose. You can also have different choices on how to start and end your video which is part of the templates. Very convenient, indeed!

What Key Features Blew Me Away?

Though I love FlexClip in many ways, there are some key features that really stood out. One is the custom watermark, which allows you to add your watermark to your videos and brand them. If you are a YouTuber or make videos for a living, that’s a must, right?
Another thing I love about FlexClip is how it makes ordinary still pictures “move” through zoom in and zoom out, moving left to right, or up and down. This feature allows you to create fantastic slides when you don’t have videos to use. Besides this, the video splitting tool is a cool key feature for me because it allows you to split video files into several segments easily. It’s because FlexClip made the interface easy to understand without you going into the technical stuff like other software.
And of course, when it comes to supporting multiple video formats, Flexclip included the likes of MP4 videos, MOV, WEBM, and M4V — as well as photo formats: BMP, GIF, ICO, WEBP, PNG, JPG, and SVG.
What are your download resolutions? Well, FlexClip allows you to create videos of up to 1080p! That’s besides 720p and 480p. That means that the software can adapt to whatever device or platform you want your videos to play on.

Is FlexClip Limitless?

At the end of the day, it’s still a business, so there’s a limit to everything. be practical, ok? The good news is that for the free version, you can practically use the cool features, but only be able to save 12 projects. Candidly, that’s a lot of projects for a beginner or an enthusiast. You can always upgrade to the Basic, Plus or Business which is only $19.99/mo. — or $239.88 for a billed annual plan. Fantastic pricing, huh?
flexclip pricing

In all, FlexClip is such a powerful online video editing software that simply delivers. You may choose to read all other reviews out there and would probably have similar statements from what I have written.

Just remember, I myself am a GenXer and am a video enthusiast. After creating more than 20 videos for my companies and clients (yes, they’re paid for!), getting FlexClip is worth it!

Check it out yourself and take it for a spin.

       Homerun Nievera

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