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Negosentro | NYSEARCO 2020 Second Quarter Financial Results Out | Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ARCO at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-arco) owns most of the global franchises of the popular fast-food chain McDonald’s across the Caribbean and Latin America.

Since 2007, Arcos Dorados Holdings has seen significant market growth which now holds a massive USD 997.76 million market capitalization. Already, many investors have made incredible profits after they invested in ARCO shares in part years. Now, when Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. 2020 second-quarter financial earnings report is out, don’t miss any of the updates!

Top highlights of NYSE: ARCO Second Quarter Financial Results: 

  • ARCO consolidated revenues went low with a rate of 59.5% in USD as compared to its last year’s second-quarter results. On a constant currency basis, we can say that the consolidated revenues declined by almost 49.9%.
  • ARCO system-wide comparable sales got reduced by 51.0% before last year’s second-quarter data. This also includes sequential monthly improvement of ARCO Sales after that went low by 63.8% in April 2020.
  • The consolidated EBITDA margin of NYSE: ARCO adjusted to a negative rate of 14.3% as compared to last year’s rate of 7.8%. This is the result of the company’s abrupt and significant decline in April’s sales.
  • Arcos Dorados holdings inc. lost almost $0.43 per share value while its basic net income was $0.05 per share last year.
  • ARCO’s Net Debt to Adjusted ratio is now at 1.6x which was 3.4x at the end of last year’s second quarter.
  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, almost 91% of the Company’s MacDonald’s franchise restaurants were closed and now 40% of them are operating.

NYSE: ARCO current stock value:

On 14 August, Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ARCO) stock price went down at 4.85 USD by the rate of -0.21%. It opened trading on 14th August with a value of 4.90 USD and had the highest pick at 4.90 while the lowest pick was at 4.78. As a result, the ARCO stock value went pretty low as compared to the last year. With 78.19 P/E Ratio, its dividend yield is stable at a 2.89% rate. Its 52-week high value is at 8.41 and 52 weeks low value is at 2.96. 

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the consumers across the Caribbean and Latin America remain concerned with the current health risks. As a result, Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ARCO) has been impacted greatly. While most franchise restaurants are closed, the company is trying to boost sales by taking care of health and safety measures to keep both employees and consumers safe. Till everything becomes normal, let’s keep an eye on the ARCO stock market ups and down to make the right investment decisions!  You can check more stock information for how to start trading stocks.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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