Navigating a Dangerous Environment: Do You Know These 8 Warehouse Safety Hazards?

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Warehouses can be hazardous. It’s imperative to understand the common hazards and dangers evident in warehouses since they could cause serious injuries and in some cases, death. With that in mind, here are 8 warehouse safety hazards to have in mind.

  1. Heavy Equipment

Dangers and hazards are imminent when it comes to heavy machinery warehousing. If you work in a warehouse regularly, chances are you will become comfortable using all the heavy machines and equipment. While this is advantageous in terms of productivity, it can be dangerous as well since you may forget about the safety precautions of the equipment. To avoid getting hurt, you need to be aware of the potential dangers these heavy machines can cause.

  1. Slips and Trips

A lot of accidents like this occur in the warehouse. To avoid these incidents from taking place, make sure you get rid of all elements that cause slips including liquids, loose materials on the floor, boxes, and areas that are poorly lit.

  1. Falls

Apart from slips and trips, falls also make a large proportion of warehouse accidents. Irrespective of where you may be working, falls are always a big issue and a common cause for injuries as well. Be aware of your surroundings and ensure you walk in areas with proper guard rails to avoid falling.

  1. Fires

Fires are common warehouse hazards which can be quite devastating when countermeasures are not taken immediately. The best way to ensure this hazard is controlled is to have some fire extinguishers ready at all times. Also, you need to identify where the exits are located so you can know how to escape in case things get out of hand.

  1. Heavy Materials

Heavy materials within a warehouse can result in the crushing of employees if care is not taken. These incidents can be attributed to poor training on the use of materials and equipment within the warehouse. Always make sure you have enough training on the use of heavy materials.

  1. Harmful Materials

The use of harmful materials within the warehouse can be extremely hazardous. If you feel like you are working in a place without the right conditions for your health, you may have your warehouse inspected by a third party. Hazardous materials such as asbestos can be carcinogen and extremely harmful to your health.

  1. Falling Objects

Unfortunately, many warehouses have objects stacked high, meaning that falling items are always a hazard. To avoid this problem, all heavy loads should be stacked neatly in a separate room and away from people’s reach.

  1. Moving Parts

As mentioned, one of the greatest safety issue within a work environment has to do with heavy machinery, especially those with moving parts. At all times, make sure you pay close attention to the warning signs while operating the machines. Moving parts can cause serious injuries.

Final Word

The above are some of the warehouse safety hazards you need to know about. When working in a warehouse, make sure you have the right protective gear on to protect yourself from accidents and injuries.

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