Reasons you need Name Tags

NAME TAGS | Reasons you need Name Tags | A name tag is a small piece of fabric, wood, metal or plastic that has your custom name or design displayed on it by printing or engraving. Name tags are a lot more useful than many people realize; they can be used for a lot of purposes. As the name tells you they are typically used to display a name but they can also hold other information as well. Here is a list of reasons why you should order Name Tags for yourself or for your office. 

Pet tags
  1. Name tags for employees: In many departments, there is a need for a name tag being displayed on the pocket of an employee so the customers or other people can see their name and recognize them without having to ask their name verbally. Name tags are commonly used in restaurants, police departments and any other place that requires employees to wear uniforms. It enhances the employee-employee or employee-customer interactions as people can address and complement each other using their names, even when they see them for the first time.
  2. For publicity: Firms can add their logo on the name tags of their employees, so wherever the employees go the logo goes; this results in more people knowing about the firm. Companies can custom order name tags that just have their logos printed over them and distribute the name tags to their employees or give away as goodies so the name of the enterprise spreads. A hole can be made in the name tags easily, regardless of what material is used to make the tag, it can serve as a key ring with a ring around the hole in the tag. 
  3. Tag for your pet: Name tags are very popular for pets like dogs and cats. You can have a custom name tag made for your furry friend. With your pet’s name as the primary information, you can have your contact and address engraved on the back of the tag, so in the unfortunate case our pet gets lost roaming around, there is an improved chance of them being returned if they have that information on their tag. 
  4. Name tags improve security:  In a large workplace with more than a hundred employees working at the same facility, it gets difficult to ensure that every employee is in the place they’re supposed to be. Name badges with employee id and job details make it much easier to keep track of whether an employee is at the right place and whether it is okay for them to visit a particular area of the facility. These name tags that are unique to each employee are essential for companies who want to prevent any espionage by competitors, prevent theft or to minimize safety hazards.
  5. Titling for fun: Name tags are increasingly being used for making the classroom or workplace a more fun place. Titles are given to the different people for a time according to their performance or character with a goal to improve interactions between the people.

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