Must Have Apps For Working Parents [Infographic]

Jonah Florida, Negosentro |  As a working parent it can be hard to balance everything. You want to have a great career but you also want to make sure everything is going well at home. This infographic from HappyCleans takes you through a wide range of apps to help you keep on top of things. Let’s first look at health and safety as often different members of a family might have different appointments; making it difficult to keep track of everything. There are now some apps to help you here such as CareZone which allows you to store a wide range of appointments for the entire family. It is totally private and secure but you do have the option to share the information with people such as babysitters as required.

Another very important thing for any working parent is for the family to establish a good routine. If you don’t have a good routine, it will just eat into any little bit of time you have to yourself. For example, Happy Kids Timer ensures that the whole family is helping out at home so you don’t feel completely overwhelmed. It encourages them to do things like brush their teeth and make their bed with a range of fun animations.

Another tricky thing for working parents can be travelling. Even when they get a couple of weeks off work, the whole stress of trying to arrange a holiday with a bunch of hyperactive kids can make it all so stressful. Apps like Tripcase can help you here as they organise your entire travel itinerary in one place.

Of course, for parents who work full time, they often find it hard to get enough time to connect with the family. Apps like Path can help you stay connected as it is essentially a micro-sized version of Facebook where you and the family can share moments, memories, and messages with a much higher degree of privacy.

Sometimes parents work through necessity and budgeting for an entire family can be very difficult. There are so many expenses throughout the month that sometimes you can be left wishing for payday as the month draws to a close. Apps such as Mint can help you as it lets you monitor all expenses on one app.

Why not check out a few of them as they’re all free. Hopefully at least one of them will be of use to you and your family.


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